Reading and Roasting on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’

Last week the queens on “RuPal’s Drag Race” starred in their own television series, this week they must perform live before an audience.

When the queens return to the workroom, they discuss who has won a challenge…only Peppermint and Farrah Moan have yet to win a challenge.

When RuPaul comes into the workroom, she opens the library for a little reading…shade that is.

After closing the library, RuPaul named Valentina as the winner of the challenge.

The maxi challenge this week is the RuPaul Roast with Michelle Visage as the roastee. RuPaul reveals that Michelle doesn’t know that is going to be roasted.

As the winner of the library challenge, Valentina will decide the order of which queen will go in which order…
Shea Coulee
Sasha Velour
Trinity Taylor
Farrah Moan
Nina Bo’Nina Brown
Alexis Michelle

Some of the queens are having a hard time coming up with their material to roast Michelle.

Ross Matthews makes his first visit to the workroom to help the queens come up with their material. RuPaul talks with the queens about reading and comedy, some of the queens are not entirely comfortable with the idea of the challenge.

Fortune Fiemster and Tamar Braxton join Ross Matthews and Michelle Visage at the judge’s table.

Nina Bo’Nina Brown and Valentina are safe.

In their remarks the judges said that…
Shae Coulee’s jokes were funny and set a great tone; adding that she did a great job.

Sasha’s roast was genius and funny.

Trinity had a character but no jokes and she looked like she was going to throw up.

Nothing landed for Farrah; she had no punch line. The judges noted that Farrah doesn’t really know who she is.

Peppermint brougth the energy and was really funny – the highlight of the evening. The judges also noted that Peppermint looked the best she has all season.

Alexis painted herself green, prompting the judges to question why. Her remarks were observations and not jokes. Michelle noted that she forget there was an audience because they were so quiet. Ross Matthews said that he had drawn a picture of a bomb on his notes.

After the comments RuPaul announced that Shae, Sasha, and Trinity were all safe but Peppermint finally got her first win leaving Farrah and Alexis in the bottom and having to lip sync for their lives to “Baby I’m Burnin’” by Dolly Parton.

After the performance RuPaul told Alexis Michelle to chantey you stay but for Farrah Moan it was time to sashay away.

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