On This Day in History: May 13

Happy Friday the 13th! On May 13, Mary, Queen of Scots lost a battle against the Protestants. She later fled to England in hope that her cousin would protect her. Here’s a look at events from this day in history.

1568: Mary, Queen of Scots Defeated

Mary Queen of ScotsMary, Queen of Scots and her Catholic forces met with James Stewart’s Protestant forces at the Battle of Landside. The queen lost the battle, and her son King James VI of Scotland was protected. She had previously abdicated for him, and his uncle acted as his regent as he was only a year old. Mary fled to Cumberland in England, seeking protect from Elizabeth I of England. It led to Mary’s imprisonment and execution.

1607: Jamestown Settlers Land with John Smith

Captain John Smith landed in Virginia today in history, creating the first permanent English settlement, Jamestown, named after King James I of England VI of Scotland. They would quickly set up a council of seven men, chosen through random selection from a box sealed by the king himself. That council would select Edward Wingfield as the first president of the colony. It would be due to this colony that some attempts were made to work with the Native Indian tribes around the New World.

1648: Margaret Jones Found Guilty of Witchcraft

Margaret Jones and her husband William had been accused of witchcraft. It is unclear why this happened, but on this day in history she was found guilty. Her husband was found innocent, but he would be tainted with the view that his wife was a witch. She would later be executed for the crimes, and was the first in Boston, Massachusetts to be accused, convicted and executed for witchcraft between 1648 and 1663.

1991: Pope John Paul II ShotElizabeth I of England

Thousands of people witnessed Pope John Paul II being shot four times on May 13, 1991. He was in St. Peter’s Square, Rome at the time. He was saved after a five-hour operation, after the bullets hit his stomach, arm and little finger. The police arrested Mehmet Ali Hagca, a 23-year-old Turk, who was later sentenced to life imprisonment. The pope forgave his shooter, and worked with authorities to have him pardoned less than 20 years later.

Famous Birthdays on May 13

Saint, Hugh of Cluny–1024

Maria of Brabant, Queen of France–1254

Pope Innocent XIII–1655

Glassmaker Henry William Stiegel—1729

British Prime Minister Charles Watson-Wentworth, Marquis of Rockingham–1730

Composer Sir Arthur Sullivan—1842

Rebecca author Daphne du Maurier—1907

World heavyweight boxing champion Joe Louis—1914

Patagonia writer Bruce Chatwin—1940

Miss USA, Ohio, Michelle Mouser–1973

Prince Carl Philip of Sweden–1979

Twilight actor Robert Pattinson—1986

The Vampire Diaries actress Candice Accola—1987


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Featured image from Deposit Photos

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Elizabeth I of England: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elizabeth_I_of_England#/media/File:Darnley_stage_3.jpg

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