Hendrix Re-Experience Kissed the Stage at Seneca Niagara

If there is a very popular artist, there is probably a tribute band performing their music. While many of the tribute bands are very good performers, they usually just play the music. Some bands will even go as far as trying to emulate the original artist.


But as the only authorized Jimi Hendrix tribute band with the longest running Jimi Hendrix performer – Kiss the Sky goes beyond just playing the music.


When Kiss the Sky – the Jimi Hendrix Re-Experience made their first visit to the Bear’s Den Showroom in the Seneca Niagara Resort and Casino on May 12, the band paid very close attention to every detail including the costumes worn by the performers; ensuring they were the same as those worn by the original band.


In a two hour performance, Kiss the Sky performed music that spanned Hendrix’ career from celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Monterrey Pop concert in California to the Band of Gypsies era and the greatest hits.


The band opened with the exact same set performed by Jimi Hendrix and the Experience in Monterrey of “Killing Floor”, “Foxy Lady”, “Rolling Stone”, “Rock Me Baby, “Hey Joe, “ Wind Cries”, “Purple Haze”, and “Wild Thing”.


After a quick costume change and a drummer change, Kiss the Sky returned to perform music from Hendrix’ Band of Gypsies – the first ever all African American band – that saw Hendrix drop the stage theatrics to focus on the music and the message. The short set featured “Who Knows”, “Them Changes”, “Isabella”, and “Message of Live”.

IMG_9789 IMG_9765

Giving their debut performance at Seneca Niagara, Kiss the Sky was very pleased to perform on the Bear’s Den stage and dedicated the song “Machine Gun” to the Native American Nations.

IMG_9835 IMG_9859

After another quick costume change for Jimi and a return of Ted the drummer, Kiss the Sky performed some of Hendrix’ greatest hits including “Little Miss Lover”, “Fire”, “Red House” “Manic Depression”, “Watch Tower”, “Little Wing”, “Stone Free”, and “Vooddoo Child”.

IMG_9970 IMG_0025

The audience of Hendrix fans – including one who saw the original Hendrix in 1969 at Woodstock – were eager to join in and were not ready to leave once the show was over and would have gladly stayed longer to hear the music a bygone era by a musical genius taken all too soon.

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