‘Chicago Fire’ Season 5 Finale Promo: Will Casey Survive?

When Anna died a few weeks ago, Chicago Fire bosses warned us that the heartbreak wouldn’t be over. It looks like Casey is going to die in the Chicago Fire Season 5 finale, but is this really the end for Dawsey?

The Chicago Fire Season 5 finale promo doesn’t look promising. Right now we have no news about whether actor Jesse Spencer has renewed his contract for the (confirmed) sixth season of the show. It is possible that he is leaving at the end of this season, although fans desperately hope not. They’re only just over the death of Anna and broken-hearted for Severide. After waiting so long for the Dawsey wedding that happened in the show’s 100th episode, this cannot be how it all ends.

Firehouse 51 will face a dangerous warehouse fire. It looks like Casey is trapped in the burning building. All he can do is send a message to Dawson to tell her he loves her, while Boden questions whether he can find a way out.

Chicago Fire has arguably set it up for Casey’s death. He is currently fighting for measures to be put in place for fire responders. Could it be that his death will lead to those measures finally being put in place? Will the other aldermen realize just how much the fire fighters risk while protecting the city?

Meanwhile, Jason Kannell has been introduced and is integrating into the Chicago Fire family. As a former lieutenant could he take Casey’s place? Was this the ploy to make sure fans had the chance to meet the person taking over without a threatening, hostile situation?

It looks like another member of the firehouse will also be leaving. Mouch is seriously considering taking another job, getting him out of harm’s way but keeping him close to the action at the same time.

Tune in for the Chicago Fire Season 5 finale on Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at 10pm on NBC.

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