On This Day in History: May 15

Today in history, gasoline was rationed in 17 states and an English queen was convicted of potentially false crimes. Here’s a look at events and birthdays from May 15 throughout history.

1536: George Boleyn and Anne Boleyn Sentenced to Death

Today in history, the trails of Anne Boleyn and her brother George took place. After four men had already been convicted of treason and adultery with Anne, it wasn’t likely that Anne would ever get out of this alive: after all, if St. Peter ad Vinculathey were guilty then she had to be too! Anne and George faced a jury of men who had a reason to find them both guilty or disliked them, including Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, Henry Pole, George’s father-in-law Lord Morley (and supporter of Lady Mary Tudor), and Lord Clinton, husband of Bessie Blout. Anne Boleyn was sentenced to death by her own uncle, Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk.

1756: The Seven Years War Starts

The start of the Seven Years War took place on this day in history, as England declared war on its common enemy, the French. In America, the war would be known as the French and Indian War, and technically started in the early 1750s. France expanded its holdings into the Ohio River, leading to conflict with the British colonies. In the first year, the British suffered numerous defeats, but that changed when Prime Minister William Pitt expanded his efforts, realizing just how beneficial a victory would be for expansion. When France was kicked out of Canada by 1760, things changed for Britain. The war came to an end in 1763, with the Treaties of Hubertusburg and Paris, where France lost all claim to Canada and allowed Spain to take over Louisiana. England took Florida, Upper CanadaMileage ration stamps and other overseas French holdings.

1942: Gasoline Rationing Takes Place

Today in history, 17 states in the eastern part of the United States opted to ration gasoline. It was an attempt to help support the war effort. It would take a few months for the rest of the United States to follow, as President Franklin D. Roosevelt made it a mandatory rationing across the board. Gas was not the only household product rationed. Sugar, cigarettes, alcohol, and rubber were also heavily rationed. As rubber creation was limited due to the Japanese, the gasoline rationing was to limit the amount people drove—as it would also mean less wear and tear on tires. The gasoline rationing at the start of 1942 was voluntary, but it wasn’t effective, so the compulsory rationing had to be put in place. Speed limits of 35mph were also put in place to avoid too much gas consumption.

Famous Birthdays on May 15

Architect, Henrick de Keyser—1565

Feminist Mary Wortley Montagu–1689

Politician, Levi Lincoln, Sr.—1749

Composer Giovanni Bolzoni—1841

Astronomer Williamina Fleming—1857

Olympic wrestler Alexis Nihon—1912

Supergirl actor David Healy—1931

David Robin Francis Guy Greville, 8th Duke of Warwick—1934

Olympian and member of the British royal family, Zara Phillips—1981

True Blood actress Alexandra Breckenridge—1982

So You Think You Can Dance contestant Mollee Gray—1991

“Skinny Love” singer Birdy—1996


Featured image from Deposit Photos

Birthdays from OnThisDay.com and FamousBirthdays.com

Image of St. Peter ad Vincula memorial by Alexandria Ingham

Mileage ration stamps: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rationing_in_the_United_States#/media/File:WWII_USA_Basic_Mileage_Ration_(front).jpg

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