Semi Finals on DWTS

It’s the semi finals on “Dancing with the Stars” and by the end of the night four couples will become the three couple that will complete in the finals.


Along with performing two complete dances, each couple will have to answer a challenge from one of the judges.

First on the dance floor is Normani and Val with the Vienna Waltz and a challenge from Len to perform 12 bars in hold with proper Vienna Waltz steps. Len was in rehearsals this week offering some advice to the duo. After the dance Normani said that she hoped she made Len proud. Hot Tom Bergeron said good stuff you two. Saying that he was proud, Len noted that the dance had lovely sweeping movement; adding that they did what he asked them to do. Calling the dance gorgeous, Julianne noted that the duo dance as one and are such a magical team; adding that the content was all there. Bruno called it a killer Waltz that was strong nad believable. Carrie Ann noted how she loved that there was no stop in the movement when Normani danced; adding that she loved watching Normani dance. Normani and Val scored 36 points for their dance.

David and Lindsay performed a Foxtrot to “You Make Me Feel So Young” but not before Julianne made a visit to the rehearsal hall load with a bag of lemons. Julianne’s challenge for David – who spent his professional baseball career squatting down behind home plate as a catcher – was to get his butt tucked under. Tom told them that the dance was great stuff and amazing. Saying that he squeezed the lemons, a proud Julianne called David the epitamy of what the show is about; adding that David is so fun to watch. Agreeing that David is a joy to watch, Bruno said that David continues to entertain; adding that he could watch David every day. Noting that David had a breakthrough last week, Carrie Ann called David so much improved and brings it to the dance floor. Len called David the boy that truly brings joy and the feel good factor every time he dances. David and Lindsay scored 34 points for their dance.

UK singer songwriter Callum Scott comes to the Ballroom to perform his hit song “Dancing on My Own” while Witney and Artum perform on the dance floor.

Simone and Sasha performed the Jive with a challenge from Carrie Ann for Simone to show another side of herself with four bars of a solo. Tom called the performance great stuff. Bruno said that Little Miss Perfect is letting it loose; adding that he loved the attitude and didn’t miss a step and nailed it. Carrie Ann said that it warmed her heart to see Simone tapping in to all of it and she was amazing. Len called the routine sharp and was a fantastic dance. Jullianne called Simone brilliant and gorgeous. Simone and Sasha earned a perfect score of 40 for their dance.

Rasha and Emma performed a Rumba. During rehearsals Bruno came and threw a football to Rashad before challenging him to clean up his hands and feet – the judges have remarked numerous times on Rashad’s unpointed toes and monster hands. In the video package Rashad challenged Bruno to come out and do some football drills. Carrie Ann noted that she saw refinement tonight and was more elegant; adding that she felt Rashad. Carrie Ann said that Rashad looked like he was painting a canvas with his body, was passionate and artistic. Len liked the light and dark shading of the dance; adding that he had beautiful fludity in his arms. Len said that Rashad had tremendous dance talent. Agreeing with Len on the fluidity, Julianne noted that Rashad has improved from last week; adding that he was leading Emma and allowing her to express herself. Bruno said that Rashad exceeded all of his expectations; adding that Rashad never ceased to surprise him. Bruno said that Rashad had the fluidity of water and the power of a lion, had fearless partnering, and shapes that were like watching Greek sculptures. Rashad and Emma scored 38 points for their dance.

Taking a break from the competition, two time “Dancing with the Stars” champion Cheryl Burke returned to the Ballroom to give a sneak preview of her new live show – “Love on the Floor”. Cheryl called the show a journey of love through dance.

Judge’s Challenge Scores:
David and Lindsay – 34
Normani and Val – 36
Rashad and Emma – 38
Simone and Sasha – 40

Normani and Val get the second round of dancing started off with a Jazz dance to “Wonderful World”. During the video package former “X Factor” and “American Idol” judge Simon Cowell noted that Normani doesn’t know how talented she is. They ended the dance with Normani sitting on the piano bench next to band leader Ray Chew. Tom said that they gave him goosebumps. Len said that the dance had a dash of the Lindy Hop and bucket loads of fun. Len stood and clapped for them. Julianne called Normani an absolute star who danced with such a celebration. Bruno said that’s how you do it in the Big Easy; adding that the dance was vibrant, exciting, and colourful. Bruno called Normani a diva. Carrie Ann said that the teamwork was incredible and polished to a diamond; adding the dance was effortless and powerful. Normani and Val earned a perfect score for their dance.

David and Lindsay danced a Tango. Julianne said that David was so meant to be there and such a great dancer; adding that he has charm and heart. Julianne said that David was the show and what it’s all about. Noting that David is determined, Bruno said that David went for it. Calling it great dancing, Carrie Ann called it his best dance yet. Len said that no one has tried or worked harder or given him more enjoyment that watching David. David and Lindsay scored 36 points for their dance.

Simone and Sasha performed a Rumba that Tom called just beautiful. Bruno said that Simone let the dance flow out of her. Carrie Ann said that Simone danced with her soul tonight. Len said that there was nothing he didn’t like. Calling the dance beautiful, Julliane said that Simone executed the dance great. Simone and Sasha earned their second perfect score of the night for a perfect night.

Rashad and Emma danced a Quickstep to “Yes I Can”. Carrie Ann said, “yes you can and yes you did.” Calling it a match made in heaven, Carrie Ann said that she had been waiting for that dance. Len thought that it was a bit long winded in the beginning and Rashad kept losing his frame; adding that the dance was good but not great. Totally disagreeing with Len, Julianne said that Rashad was light on his feet and had a great frame. Saying that Rashad was on a roll, Bruno said that Rashad’s charisma was out of this world; adding that he had spring in his feet and swing in his action. Rashad and Emma scored 39 points for their dance.

Round 2 scores:
David and Lindsay – 36
Rashad and Emma – 39
Normani and Val – 40
Simone and Sasha – 40

Total scores:
David and Lindsay – 34 + 36 = 70
Normani and Val – 36 + 40 = 76
Rashad and Emma – 38 + 39 = 77
Simone and Sasha – 40 + 40 = 80

In this week’s results…Normani and Val were the first couple to make it to the finals. Joining them were Rashad and Emma; leaving Simone and Sasha and David and Lindsay in jeopardy and in danger of going home.

The couple going home this week was Simone and Sasha! This marks the second time that a couple earned a perfect score and was still sent home.

David and Lindsay are the final couple moving on to the finals.

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