ABC’s ‘Quantico’ Season 3 Confirmed for Shorter Season

Just before the Quantico Season 2 finale, fans finally got word over whether there would be a third season. It was a close call, but ABC has confirmed that Quantico Season 3 is happening.

While the Quantico renewal is welcomed, there is some bad news. Alex Parrish and co. will not be around for the usually length of season. There will only be 13 episodes rather than the 22 episodes Seasons 1 and 2 saw. For some fans this may be welcomed, as the storylines will need to be condensed, leaving fewer red-herrings and complicated crossovers between plotlines.

There is currently no news over whether the season will be a dual timeline or singular one. The former did work for the first year, but there were complaints about the overly complicated use of dual timelines for the second season. It was so bad that the writers opted for a singular timeline after the show returned from its March break.

Quantico Season 2 had looked set for cancellation before Christmas 2016. ABC wanted to save it and showed that by moving it to Monday nights rather than the Sunday night timeslot. This did help to see an uptick, but it was the singular timeline from the end of March 2017 that really helped.

One of the biggest changes will be to the showrunner. Josh Safran is stepping down from the helm, but will remain on as a consultant. There is no decision over his replacement yet.

Quantico Season 3 was the last confirmation from ABC. All other shows have since been either canceled or renewed. The ABC fall 2017 schedule still needs to be confirmed. The 13 episodes of Quantico may be moved to a midseason premiere instead of the usual fall one.

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