‘Fight Club’ Not Just A Movie In Spruce Grove, Alberta – It’s Becoming A Reality

Spruce Grove, Alberta youth have started organizing their own “fight clubs” following the similar idea of the movie, Fight Club, that starred Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. The group uses social media to spread the word about the times and the locations of fights.

Over the past three weeks, police have been alerted to at least three cases of “fight clubs” taking place in Spruce Grove, Alberta. Cpl Kimberly Mueller says that the fights and the participants are largely from Spruce Grove Composite High School.

Mueller says that they are trying to figure out exactly how many times these local “fight clubs” have taken place and who has been involved.

Parents are concerned and have taken to social media discuss the matter. Young people have been injured in the fights and parents want a stop put to it.

According to CBC, the Parkland School division issued a statement about the “fight clubs” saying,

We are aware of the social media activity recently referring to a ‘fight-club’ in Spruce Grove and Stony Plain. We can confirm these incidents involving community youth are not happening at school and not happening during school hours.

These clubs are a concern for the youth involved, the parents and the communities involved. RCMP have said that anyone involved, whether as participants or spectators, could face criminal charges. Charges could range from causing a disturbance to assault causing bodily harm to assault.

One mother of a grade 8 student came forward and spoke about what her son experienced. She told Global News that he had come home covered in blood on May 3, 2017. He had come home earlier, wanting to stay home from school but it didn’t appear that there was anything really wrong with him so she sent him back to school. He later texted again that he wanted to come home but she texted back and said school was almost over and he should hang in there. When he came home after school, she was shocked to see him covered in blood.

The mother of this Spruce Grove student said that he was intimidated by the other boys and that is why he fought. The fight was recorded and posted to social media later that day. It has since been removed. The boy involved in the fight had to have surgery on his nose to repair it.

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