‘Supernatural’ Season 12 Finale Promo: Will the American Hunters and British Men of Letters Work Together?

It’s time for the big battle. Lucifer is out, Crowley doesn’t look in good shape, and the Winchesters are trapped. Not only that, but the British Men of Letters continue to wage war on the American Hunters, despite their need to work together.

Can the two work together to stop Lucifer and prevent his child being born? Is there any hope left for the world?

Fans were shocked last week to find out that the British Men of Letters and Crowley have an arrangement. Crowley turned up to make sure that this arrangement would remain in place in the United States. It turns out that the British Men of Letters aren’t that bothered about keeping all demons out, as long as innocent humans are protected.

Unfortunately, Crowley didn’t fair well with Lucifer. Stabbed through the chest, Supernatural fans were left questioning if Crowley was really dead. There were a few pointers that suggest he isn’t. This isn’t the first time Crowley’s meatsuit has been stabbed and presumed dead. The last time was in the Season 10 finale, where Crowley jumped ship just before the stabbing happened.

Fans suggest Crowley jumped out in time into a rat, especially since there were no flashes as there is when other demons are killed.

Will he return to help the Winchesters or will he continue to work with the British Men of Letters to get rid of all American hunters?

And what about Mary and Toni? Things are shaping up to be an interesting finale.

The Supernatural Season 12 finale airs on Thursday, with a 2-hour special starting at 8pm on The CW.

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