Texas Mom Warns Parents About the Injury Potential of Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners – the latest must-have toy for kids of all ages – are not without the inherent dangers of any toy with small parts, that of the potential for children who put things in their mouths to choke on the small parts.

Kelly Rose Joniec of Houston, Texas took to Facebook to share the harrowing experience her 10-year-old daughter, Britton, went through when the girl choked on a round metal portion of her fidget spinner, necessitating an emergency trip to Texas Children’s Hospital at the Woodlands on May 13, 2017. There, an x-ray revealed that the nearly quarter-size piece of metal that holds the metal balls in place on the fidget spinners was lodged in her esophagus. Physicians performed an endoscopy on Britton to remove the metal piece, a bushing, from her throat.

Britton had taken her fidget spinner apart to clean it, putting the bushing in her mouth then accidentally swallowing it. Although some commenters on Joniec’s Facebook post questioned why a child Britton’s age would put the toy part in her mouth, the important message to take away from this experience is that fidget spinners can pose a choking hazard to kids of any age who interact with their toys with their mouths.

Joniec posted her daughter’s experience with her fidget spinner as a warning to parents whose own children may have the toy. The Houston mother explained that not all fidget spinners come with age-appropriate warnings.

On a positive note, Britton’s choking experience did not come as a result of normal play with the toy but rather because of taking the toy apart.

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