Trey Gowdy Ready to Step Up After Jason Chaffetz Announces Resignation

It was only last month that Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) announced that he would not be seeking re-election in 2018 in favor of spending more time with his family and without a desire to be a career politician. On Thursday, May 18, 2017, Chaffetz announced he would be resigning from Congress effective June 30, 2017, resulting in more questions than answers.

The link below reveals Chaffetz’s letter to his Utah constituents announcing his upcoming resignation:

Questions immediately began surfacing about what the congressman’s June resignation could mean for the investigation into possible Trump/Russia ties that the House of Representatives’ Oversight Committee is conducting, of which Chaffetz is the chairman. Chaffetz himself indicated he has no concerns that his departure will affect that probe, citing confidence in his fellow committee members.

According to Politico, several top Republican lawmakers are quietly encouraging Chaffetz to relinquish the gavel sooner than later, allowing for a smooth transition prior to his departure from Congress. Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), perhaps best known for his as chairman of the House Select Committee that investigated Benghazi/Hillary Clinton during the Obama administration, is said to already be making his pitch for the soon-to-be vacant head of the House Oversight Committee to the House Select Committee, the body charged with appointing committee chairs.

Chaffetz’s seat in Congress as the representative for the 3rd District in Utah is likely to be vacant for a period of two to four months according to Utah Governor Gary Herbert. The state must now prepare for a special election to replace the soon-vacant seat, only the second time in Utah’s history that a special election will be held.

There are a number of speculations as to why Chaffetz would choose to leave office at the end of June, from thoughts that as a Republican, there can be little to gain within the party or with his constituents by continuing to lead an investigation about a Republican president. Some people think Chaffetz may be wanting to distance himself from the national spotlight due to a possible run for Utah governor in the future. It’s rumored that the congressman will be taking a job with Fox News following his resignation from office, although Chaffetz indicated he has no firm plans for the future other than to spend more time with his family.

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Chaffetz has denied that he has any underlying health issues that lead him to his decision, explaining that other than recent foot surgery, he is in good health.

Perhaps the 50-year-old politician is being completely forthright in his explanation of why he is choosing to return to private life. Time will tell. In Washington, D.C., however, few things are as they appear on the surface.

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