Southern Rock Pioneer Gregg Allman Dies

Southern rock pioneer Gregg Allman died May 27 at his Savannah, Georgia home at the age of 69. While no specific cause of death has been listed, Allman had been dealing with a number of health issues in recent months which were serious enough for him to cancel tour dates. Allman’s manager Michael Lehman said that Gregg was surrounded by his loved ones at the time of his death.

Allman_Brothers_Band_-_Gregg_AllmanBy Carl Lender – originally posted to Flickr as Allman Brothers Band – Gregg Allman, CC BY 2.0,

Lehman noted that Gregg will be buried next to his brother Duanne who died in 1971 from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident.

Allman – along with his brother Duanne – was the founding member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band The Allman Brothers Band. Gregg was the singer and organ player in the band. One thing that set The Allman Brothers Band apart from other bands was that they carried two drummers with two full drum sets….that and the fact that their songs went far past the basic I-IV-V chord progressions and featured songs that resembled an all out jam session.

Besides being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, The Allman Brothers Band earned a Grammy Award for their seven plus minute instrumental “Jessica” and in 2012 the Recording Academy awarded the band with the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. Allman is also a member of the Georgia Music Hall of Fame.


By Jonathan Bayer –, CC BY 2.0,

Allman has seen his music appear in over 50 film and television productions including “The Electric Horseman”, “Out for Justice”, “The Bodyguard”, “Under Siege 2: Dark Country”, “From the Earth to the Moon”, “Myster Science Theater 3000”, “Freaks and Geeks”, “The Perfect Storm”, “Unbreakable”, “Six Feet Under”, “Walking Tall”, “Brokeback Mountain”, “Heist”, “The Sopranos”, “CSI:NY”, “One Tree Hill”, “Fringe”, “Jack Reacher”, and “Supernatural”.

As an actor Allman appeared in half a dozen productions including “Superboy”, “Rush”, “Tales from the Crypt”, and the TV movie “I’ll Take You There: Celebrating 75 Years of Mavis Staples”. As himself, Allman’s appearances include the “American Bandstand’s 25th Anniversary” and 40th Anniversyry, a number of documentaries, talk shows and late night talk shows, “Family Guy”, concert performances, and “Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival 2013”,

Born in Tennessee, raised in Florida, and later living in Georgia; The Allmen Brothers Band’s first big hit “Rambin’ Man” was a rather biographical piece of work. The boys father did indeed “end up on the wrong end of a gun” when he was murdered he had met in a bar. Over the years the band would experience trials, tribulations, and tragedy; but through it all there was the music…something Gregg said healed his soul.

He was born Gregory Lenoir Allman on December 8, 1947 in Nashville, Tennessee. Known best for his playing of the Hammond B-3 organ, Gregg first came to music playing the guitar. Before forming The Allman Brothers Band, Gregg was a part of The Misfits, The Shufflers, The Escorts, the Allman Joys and Hourglass.

Married seven times, Gregg Allman is survived by his wife Shannon, children – Devon, Elijah Blue, Delilah Island, and Layla Brooklyn, three grandchildren, and niece Galadrielle.

Gregg Allman Discography:
“Duane and Gregg Allman”
“Laid Back”
“The Gregg Allman Tour”
“Playin’ Up a Storm”
“Two the Hard Way”
“I’m No Angel”
“Just Before the Bullets Fly”
“Searching for Simplicity”
“Low Country Blues”
“Gregg Allman Live: Back to Macon, GA”

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