Qualifiers Continue on ‘World of Dance’

This week on “World of Dance” the qualfying round continues with another group of dancers.


First on the stage is the Hip-Hop group The Lab – a group of young talented dancers who pulled out all the trick and moves to impress the judges. The performance brought the judges to their feet. Jennifer said that they came out like pros and were exciting from beginning to end; adding that they were unexpected and in sync. Noting that there is a difference between a showcase and a competition, Derek said that they competed. Ne-Yo said that they had a lot of energy and passion. The group earned a score of 91,3 for their dance.

After winning seasn 10 of “So You Think You Can Dance”, street dancer Fik-Shun is looking to move up to the next level and brought the judges to their feet with his emotional dance about separation. Jennifer said that Fik-Shun was so connected to every beat in the music; adding that his body became a part of the song. Derek was really surprised to see such emotion in that style of dance; adding he was with Fik-Shun all the way. Ne-Yo said that Fik-Shun gave it all in a minute; adding that the dance was passionate and dynamic. Ne-Yo noted that you can’t teach what Fik-Shun has. Fik-Shun scored a 91 for his dance.

The Miami All Stars is a group of 19 dancers. Jennifer said that they exhibited unbridled enthusiasm and passion in their dance; but there was so much going on that she didn’t know where to look. Derek said that the dance had so much fun and energy. While he saw love in what they did, Ne-Yo said that for him the dance was good but not great. The group scored 81 points for their dance, just making it to the next round.

Cabaret Ballroom dancers Luka and Jenalyn from Toronto performed a dance that Ne-Yo said was just sexy and technical enough; adding that he loved the tricks and was impressed. Jennifer said that it was nice to see some fresh and exciting stuff. Derek said that their performance was like a lift and trick clinic; adding that the transitions were seamless. The couple scored 86.7 points for their dance.

In a series of clips of dancers who did not make enough points; Kaeli and Brandon scored 77.7 points, Fuze scored 77.3 points, and JJ and Joey scored 78 points.

Quick Style is a Hip-Hop trio from Oslo, Norway that chose the Country music song “Jolene” by Dolly Parton for their dance. Derek said that the musicality, style, and creativity were all there; adding that he felt the connection. Ne-Yo noted that they moved with one body but he wanted more wow movements. Jennifer called the routine one of the cleanest groups she had seen; adding that they were in sync…even emotionally. The trio scored 86.7 points for their dance.

In the final performance of the night, Nick Daniels gave a very emotional Contemporary dance of letting go – his Dad died when he was 13 – that brought the judges to their feet. An overwhelmed Jennifer said that Nick had strength and excellent technique; adding that she felt the connection. Ne-Yo said that if he ever wanted to see Contemporary dance without bones, he just did; adding that Nick has the IT factor. Derek said that she saw the sense of letting something go; adding that his range of movement is endless; adding that Nick was the most connected when he lost control. Nick scored 87 points for his dance.

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