Comey: Testifies “Lordy, I Hope There Are Tapes” Before Senate Intel Committee

Comey Testifies Trump Wanted Flynn Investigation Dropped

Former FBI Director James Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee Thursday with pointed questions directed to Comey regarding the Trump administration. Here are some key takeaways so far this morning.

1. An important fact that was released was that President Trump did tell the truth when he said James Comey told him 3 times that there was not a counter intelligence investigation into President Trump personally.

2. Comey did testify that he believes the Trump Administration did lie about Comey and lied about the work he did with the FBI. Comey stated that the President told him repeatedly that he was doing a great job but then after his firing Comey stated that, the White House chose “to defame me and then the FBI,” Comey said, by saying there was disarray at the bureau. “Those were lies,” Comey said. “I am so sorry that the FBI workforce had to hear them,” he said.

3. Comey questioned whether the President would be truthful. Comey stated that “I was honestly concerned he might lie about the nature of our meeting.” Comey also stated that he never felt the need to document conversations or meetings with former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

4. Comey was also questioned about his role in the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server. Comey remarked that he saw problem with the fact that then Attorney General Loretta Lynn had met with former President Bill Clinton on an airport tarmac while his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was under criminal investigation.

5. President Trump had tweeted after firing Comey that there had better not be any tapes of their conversation when they had dinner together at the White House. Comey stated that the President leaned on him to ‘be loyal’ to him. Comey replied that he would be honest so that the conversation would be dropped from a loyalty type oath to President Trump.

6. Comey also testify that he did not see any evidence that the Russians could altered any votes in the 2016 election. “I’d seen no indication of that whatsoever,” said Comey.

7. When asked about whether he thought his conversation with the President have been recorded as the President alluded to on Twitter, Comey replied, “Lordy, I hope there are tapes.”

8. In the testimony, Comey did call the White House explanation of his firing and that the FBI was in a shamble from the lack of leadership, “Those were lies,” Comey said, “plain and simple.”

9. Throughout his testimony, Comey called various statements by the President lies. In total Comey used the word lies or liar five times

10. Comey also challenged the President’s statements that it was Comey who asked for a dinner with the President to keep his job. Comey replied that it never happened.

11. Comey was also asked why he felt the need to document the meetings and phone calls with the President. Comey replied he did so due to the nature of the person. Comey worried that Trump would lie about the meetings and phone calls.

12. When President Trump, at a press conference was asked if he ever asked for the Flynn investigation to be dropped, he strongly stated No. Yet, Comey’s statements were that the President was lying about it.

13. After Trump tweeted that there better not be any tapes of the Comey meeting, Comey admitted he asked his friend, Columbia law professor Daniel Richman, to leak the content of his memos to the media with the hope of triggering the appointment of a special counsel.

14. When asked why he didn’t push back against the President to drop the Flynn investigation, he stated, “Maybe if I were stronger I would have. I was so stunned by the conversation that I just took it in.”

15. Comey did feel that the President did try to shut down the Flynn investigation although Comey could not say if Trump should be charged with obstruction.

The testimony of Comey helped to answer some questions but also will lead to more in respect to what the President thought he was doing by communicating with Comey directly. Comey stated that he felt that he had to take notes of their meetings due to the “nature of the person.” In other words, Comey felt he needed to take the notes as he believed the President may tell a story that would not match up to what occurred. The President has stated that it was Comey who asked for the dinner at the White House when in fact it was the President. Comey felt that the dinner on January 27th was to create a “patronage relationship.” For Comey to keep his job he would need to drop the Flynn investigation. The President should answer the charges of lying to the media about Comey and although, Comey told the President he wasn’t under investigation before Comey was fired, that all may have changed due to the way President handled the Russian investigation and the Michael Flynn investigation.

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