Iranian Officials Arrest Dozens of Suspects in Tehran Attacks

June 9, 2017 Iranian officials said on Friday that 41 people have been arrested in connection with the twin suicide bomber attacks in Tehran earlier this week.

Six attacker, 5 men and one woman armed with Ak-47’s and grenades and wearing suicide bomb vests stormed the Parliament building and the revered Mausoleum of Ayatollah Khomeini in the Iranian capital, Tehran before detonating the suicide devicea killing all six. Five other suspects were reportedly detained.

ISIS issued a formal statement on the Tehran attacks Wednesday via the SITE Intelligence Group website, which routinely serves as a conduit for the terrorist group. This marks the first time ISIS claimed responsibility for attacks in Iran.

SITE, which monitors ISIS and other terrorist organizations has been commended by the FBI for their contributions to counterterrorism investigations. In 2007, SITE was credited with finding the first videos of Osama bin Laden.

Iranian Security Forces say the evidence in the rare attacks suggests that Iranian Kurds affiliated with ISIS carried out the brazen attacks. The Tehran attacks took the elite Iranian Security Forces by surprise, killing at least 12 people and injuring 42 others.

In a statement, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps blamed U.S. President Donald Trump‘s recent visit to the Middle East for the attack, saying he exalted and emboldened Saudi Arabia, Iran’s regional rival.

“The public opinion of the world, especially Iran, recognizes this terrorist attack — which took place a week after a joint meeting of the U.S. president and the head of one of the region’s backward governments, which constantly supports fundamentalist terrorists — as very significant”

Iranian-backed forces have been assisting Iraq and Syria forces battle the Islamic State. Iran and Saudi Arabia have accused each other of backing terrorists in the region.

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