UK General Election 2017: Most Shocking Results

On June 8, 2017, the people of the United Kingdom voted in another General Election. GE2017 was Prime Minister Theresa May’s chance to get a “strong and stable government,” but the risk backfired. There were numerous shocking results throughout the night and into Friday morning.

The biggest shock of the night was the loss of SNP seats in Scotland. Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson says that this means Indyref2 is “dead,” and states that the SNP needs to take it off the table. Scottish Labour and Liberal Democrat leaders have echoed those views. SNP leader and Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says that Indyref2 contributed to the loss of seats but wasn’t the only cause.

The SNP lost 21 season, with 12 of them going to the Scottish Conservatives. The other nine went to Labour and Liberal Democrat parties. Two of the most notable losses were former Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond and the deputy leader of the party Angus Robertson.

Amber Rudd caused a stir during the night. The Home Secretary’s constituency had at least five recounts. The seat was due to be called at 2a.m. but the result wasn’t shared until 5 a.m. Rudd did keep her seat, but she won by just 346 votes.

Similarly in Scotland, Stephen Gethins won his North East Fife seat by just two votes. Liberal Democrats were second, making it clear there is more pressure against the SNP.

Nick Clegg’s Sheffield Hallam seat has now changed party hands. The former Liberal Democrat leader lost out to first-time MP Jared O’Mara. The new MP reportedly had to buy a suit from Tesco after the shock announcement that he would take the seat. The Leeds North West MP Greg Mulholland also lost his seat, but he quickly shared a heartfelt note from his daughters on Twitter after.

However, Liberal Democrat MP Vince Cable did win his Twickenham seat back. In total, the Liberal Democrats gained 12 seats, which is an increase from 2015.

UKIP failed to gain any seats, after only gaining one in 2015. Paul Nuttal has resigned as leader and there are already calls for former leader Nigel Farage to take over yet again.

Labour made more gains than expected, taking 29 extra seats. The party was in the lead at first, but stopped at 261 seats. The Conservatives lost 12 seats in total, taking a victory but not a working majority with 318 seats. May is already discussing a coalition with Northern Ireland’s DUP, leading to complaints and petitions from the British people.

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