On This Day in History: June 12

Today in history, Edward VI of England moved the Protestant religion in England forward one more step. Here are the events and birthdays from June 12 throughout history around the world.

1553: Edward VI Approves the 42 Articles

Edward VIThomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury created the 42 Articles. They created the basis of the Protestant religion in England and worked with the Book of Prayer. The Articles were accepted by King Edward VI of England on this day in history, but would be repealed shortly after when Edward died and Mary I of England returned England to Catholicism. When Elizabeth I succeeded her half-sister, the 42 Articles were drastically rewritten.

1898: The Philippines Declare Independence

After 300 years of Spanish rule, Emilio Aguinaldo and his Filipino rebels declared independence. It took just two months for the rebels and U.S. troops to remove the Spanish. However, as part of America’s peace treaty with Spain, the Philippines became annexed rather than gaining full freedom and independence. It was only in 1935 that the United States approved the creation of the Commonwealth of the Philippines and the country gained its first president. It was another 11 years until the country gained full independence.

1942: Anne Frank Is Gifted Her Diary

Today in wartime history, Anne Frank received her diary for her 13th birthday. She was once just a girl but is now one of the faces of the atrocities against the Jewish during the Second World War. Frank and her family went into Anne Frankhiding, where they remained for two years before they were found and taken to Concentration Camps. Frank kept a diary of her time in hiding. She died while in Bergen-Belsen and her father (the only surviving member of his family) received the diary and later decided to publish it.

Famous Birthdays on June 12

Emperor Gaozong of China—1107

Cosimo I de Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany—1519

Politician Robert Clark—1777

U.S. Senator Thomas J. Walsh—1859

41st President of the United States George H.W. Bush—1924

Anne Frank–1929

21 Jump Street actor Dave Franco—1985

“The Man I Want to Be” singer Chris Young—1985


Featured image from Deposit Photos

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Anne Frank: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anne_Frank#/media/File:AnneFrankSchoolPhoto.jpg

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