‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Premieres a New Season

Season 14 of “So You Think You Can Dance” kicks off their new season on June 12 with auditions from Los Angeles.

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Judging the dancers this season is SYTYCD executive producer Nigel Lythgoe, new judge Vanessa Hudgens, and returning to SYTYCD after taking off a few seasons is Ballroom expert and queen of the hot tamale train Mary Murphy.

Again this year the dancers will either earn a ticket on to the next round, will be sent home, or they will have to come back at the end of the day for a special choreograhy round with Mandy Moore.

Dancers who are put through to the next round, get a ticket for the dance academy where they will be put through their paces in a variety of dance styles before being allowed to move on to the next round.

First on the stage was Hawaiian born Mark Millaver who is following in the footsteps of his street dancing mother who is deaf. Mark performed a Contemporary Breakdance routine to “Let it Go” by James Bay that exhibited some incredible control in his movements. Mary noted that Mark raised the roof with his artistic and beautiful routine; adding that she loved every second of the dance. Nigel said that they would remember Mark’s dance long after he left the stage; adding that the dance was sensational and raised the bar. Saying that it was an amazing way to start the day, Vanessa noted that Mark just shined on the stage and was so much fun to watch. Mark got his ticket to the Dance Academy.

Married couple Kristina and Vasily performed a Ballroom routine that began with Vasily being blindfolded and brought the judges to their feet. Nigel called the performance absolutely stunning and one of the best dances he has ever seen on the stage; adding that the couple had stunning technique and something very special. Noting that it was the first time she had ever cried over a Ballroom audition, Mary called the performance extraordinary and they took it to another artistic level. Calling the dance phenomenal, Vanessa said that the performance was beautiful and romantic. The couple got their ticket to the Dance Academy.

Dancer Robert Green began his entertainment career as a violinist. His performance solicited a rousing applause from the audience. Vanessa said that he was so much fun to watch; adding that he was playful, amazing, and she loved it. Nigel said that the best thing about Robert was his creativity. Mary said that she loved the dance. Robert got his ticket to the Dance Academy.

Alexis Gilbert performed a Jazz routine that had Mary calling her adorable on the stage; adding that Alexis has such a gift and she could feel how much Alexis loved dance. Vanessa called the performance beautiful; adding that Alexis lifted the energy in the room and she loved watching Alexis. Nigel had one word for Alexis, “Academy.” Alexis got her ticket to the Dance Academy.

Musician and singer Luke Dryjski lacked in technique with his own style of Hip-Hop but Vanessa thought he was cute and wanted to dance with Luke…which she did…on stage. Mary noted that she enjoyed what Luke did but didn’t think it would translate to the show. Luke did not get a ticket to the Dance Academy.

When Darius Hickman took his spot on the stage, Nigel said that they get notes on the dancers and he said that Darius deserved something good in his life. All through Darius’ Contemporary routine, the judges kept saying wow. The performance brought the house to their feet and the judges simply held up tickets for the Dance Academy. Darius reached some incredible heights in his leaps.

After clips of dancers from all over the world, Anastasiia and Viktoriia had been in the United States for only two days so that they could audition for the show. Their Modern Dance routine closed out the night and brought the judges to their feet. Calling the dance excellent, Nigel said the dance was brilliant entertainment, had fantastic characters within the dance and was beautifully executed. Mary called it one of the most unique auditions she had ever seen and the best Modern Dance audition she had ever seen on the show. Vanessa called the dance so emotional and breathtakingly beautiful; adding that she would pay to see them dance. The girls got their ticket to the Dance Academy.

As the show was closing Nigel noted all of the international dancers on the show and said that he had a feeling Donald Trump was going to band the show.

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