‘Face Off’ Premieres Season 14

A new season of “Face Off” premiered on June 13 and this season everything has changed…

Face Off

Host McKenzie Westmore returns for another season and reveals that the theme for season 14 of “Face Off” is Divide and Conquer.

This season’s artists are:
and Andrew

McKenzie awaits the arrival of the artists in a clearing in the middle of the woods. It’s late at night when the artists come upon a collection of lanterns with a sign telling them to take a lantern and follow the path.

In the clearing the artists find their names, where they hang the lanterns, divided into two groups.

McKenzie tells the group that in real life special effects makeup work is done by shops. This season the artists are divided into two Hollywood makeup shops where they will compete head to head as a shop. After the reveal the judges will announce a winning shop and a losing shop. There will also be an overall winner and an artist from the losing shop will be eliminated.

Each week the shop will choose one member to be the team supervisor, who will also act as the representative for the team with the judges.

Telling the artists that this week’s challenge deals with the only supernatural creatures who appear under the full moon, the teams must create a pack of werewolves that features an alpha, a beta and an omega character.

To help the artists with their inspiration, McKenzie brings out three real life wolves and each team chooses a wolf to base their own werewolf pack on.

The teams must also choose a name for their shop…
Andrew’s team chose Ethereal Effects – Andrew, Faina, Joseph, Kierstin, Nelson, and Suzanne – and
Al’s team chose Twisted Six Effects – Al, Laura, Nick, Jill, Phil, and KC

When the walk into the workroom for the first time the artists are very excited by all that it has to offer.

The teams are working on their sculptures when award winning makeup artist and “Face Off” mentor Michael Westmore made a visit to the workroom to offer some advice to the artists.

On day one of the three day challenge the artists were working on the sculptures and on day two they finished up the sculpting and began working on the molds.

Ethereal Effects is having some issues with one of their molds and it has some cracks in it that needed to be repaired before they could pour the mold.

Day three and the it is time for applications and the big reveal.

Twisted Six Effects discovered that one of their models is much bigger than they thought and have a gap between the face piece and the chest piece.

Time is running out and there is still much to be done by the artists.

Going into last looks, the teams are concerned whether they will get everything done in time.

Head judge Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, and Neville Page return for season 14.

After the reveal and closer looks the judges remarked on Ethereal Effects work saying that Faina and Joseph created a visual way to tell a story and had a beautiful paint job but Suzanne and Kierstin’s work had some beautiful things and some unfortunate things and was not quite there. Overall the werewolf pack was quite good and cohesive.

For Twisted Six Effects there were some anatomical issues with Nick and Laura’s work but Jill and Phil created a piece that allowed it to show emotions. After Laura revealed that she had never done a chest piece before, Ve questioned team leader Al on why he didn’t step in to help Laura.

Saying that the team was more unified across the board, Glenn named Ethereal Effects as the winning team with Joseph as the individual challenge winner.

Jill, Phil and KC of Twisted Six Effects were all safe but Laura, Nick and Al are on the bottom and face elimination.

Glenn named Laura as the eliminated artist this week.

Next week the teams face another challenge that pits the artists against more than just the opposing team.


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