Oklahoma Jail Escapees Remain At Large, Considered to be Dangerous

Four men who escaped from the Lincoln County jail in Chandler, Oklahoma in the early morning hours of Monday, June 12, 2017 remain at large on Tuesday, June 13, 2017. Lincoln County Sheriff Charlie Dougherty said that he considers the men to be dangerous and efforts are being made by law enforcement to find and apprehend the escapees.

The caption for the video below show say “accused murderer” as the jail inmate has only been charged, not convicted of that crime:

The four men, identified as Sonny Baker, 41; Brian Allen Moody, 23; Jeremy Tyson Irvin, 31 and Trey Glenn Goodnight, 27. Baker and Moody, who had previously escaped from the same jail in March 2017 are believed to be together, while Irvin and Goodnight are believed to be together. Irvin is the inmate charged with first-degree murder; the other three inmates are charged with property crimes with Baker and Moody also charged with their previous jail escape.

Details of the Lincoln County jail escapees descriptions: Oklahoma Authorities Look for Four Lincoln County Jail Escapees

The two pair of men are linked to two vehicle thefts that took place after their escapes on June 12, 2017. A white Dodge pickup truck was reported stolen in Chandler; then a report of a stolen red over silver Dodge pickup with Oklahoma tag AHF257 from the Shawnee area where Irvin and Goodnight had been reported being seen.

An Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper spotted the white Dodge pickup Monday afternoon in Pottawatomie County. When the trooper tried to stop the vehicle, a pursuit began that ultimately ended with the white Dodge truck being abandoned at the side of the road just south of State Highway 9 along State Highway 102. Several people were seen fleeing from the abandoned vehicle. That intersection of the highways was shut down for several hours as authorities conducted a search of the area to no avail.

Sheriff Dougherty explained that the four men are known to have made contact with family and friends since their escape, with his office conducting interviews as the search for the escapees continues. The sheriff explained that he believes Baker, Moody and Irvin to be three individuals with nothing to lose, making them potentially dangerous to anyone they may encounter. A swift resolution with the re-apprehension of all four men is the goal of all law enforcement involved.

The public is asked to call 911 immediately if they see any of these four men or have any information about them.

About the escape itself, Dougherty explained that Baker and Moody were in a pod together, with Irvin and Goodnight in another pod. The four men accessed a space between the ceiling and wall at the jail to jump over to an air vent, the same method of escape used by Baker and Moody in their March 16, 2017 jail escape. The sheriff has asked the Lincoln County Commissioners to obtain a contractor who could seal the escape route off, but no work had been done previous to the June 12 escape.

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