On This Day in History: June 13

Today in history, Miranda vs. Arizona ended in court creating the initial steps for what are now known as the Miranda Rights. Here’s a look at June 13 events and birthdays from around the world.

323BC: Death of Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great

The Macedonian military mastermind Alexander the Great died on this day in history. He was in Babylon at the time, which is now known as Iraq. By 327BC, Alexander had conquered Persia, Central Asia, Afghanistan, and more and he didn’t stop there. He was in Babylon constructing a large fleet to get back to Egypt, but fell sick and died without a successor named. His empire fell and army broke within the year. His body was laid to rest in Alexandria, Egypt.

1381: Wat Tyler Marches Peasants into London

Richard II of England’s reign is known for the Peasants’ Revolt, which lasted more than four decades when the initial grumblings are taken into account. On this day in history the discontent among the peasants had reached its breaking point, and Wat Tyler marched his followers into London, where they started looting and burning the city. Prisoners were released, a judge was beheaded, and various government buildings were destroyed. Despite King Richard (who was just 14) meeting Tyler at Mile End and agreeing to terms, the rebellion continued and the Archbishop of Canterbury was executed. Tyler was killed on June 15 and his head placed on display, as King Richard reversed any agreements he made and put down the rebellion.

Wat Tyler’s Death

1966: Establishing of the Miranda Rights

Today in history, the Miranda Rights were established, after the Supreme Court found in favor of Miranda in Miranda vs. Arizona. The Court agreed that criminal suspects must be made aware of all their rights before they are interrogated. Most people will know the Miranda Rights from TV, which starts “You have the right to remain silent…” Ernesto Miranda’s case reached the Supreme Court after he recanted his confession, claiming that he didn’t realize he didn’t have to answer questions. While his initial conviction was overturned, he was later retried and convicted again and remained in prison until 1972.

Famous Birthdays on June 13

Charles II, the Bald, King of France—823

Composer Fidel Molitor—1627

United States’ first ever First Lady, Martha Washington—1731

Jose B de Andrada e Silva, Premier of Brazil—1763

Electromagnetic theorist James Clerk Maxwell—1831

Sherlock Holmes actor Basil Rathbone—1892

A Clockwork Orange actor Malcolm McDowell—1943

Home Improvement actor Tim Allen—1953

Teen Wolf screenwriter Jeff Davis—1975

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen (the Olsen Twins)—1986

2 Broke Girls actress Kat Dennings—1986

Comedian Arantza Fahnbulleh—1993


Featured image from Deposit Photos

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