Qualifying Round Concludes on ‘World of Dance’

It’s week three on “World of Dance” and the final week of the qualifying round with more performers hoping to make it to the next round.

World of Dance

Getting the night started off is the mask wearing dance crew who took home the grand prize on “America’s Best Dance Crew” – the Jabbbawockeez. Jennifer was happy to see them; saying that they gave a master class in how to kill it without breaking a sweat. Ne-Yo said that they couldn’t have a dance competition without the best dancers in the world including the Jabbbawockeez. Ne-Yo said that they wer so cool and different from the norm. Saying that he was a big fan, Derek wanted more of the isolations the crew is known for. When Jennifer asked the guys why they were there; the guys said because they were still growing. The Jabbbawockeez earned a score of 86.7 for their dance.

Next up was a trio of teens from 12 to 16 who called themselves The Mihacevich Sisters. The three sisters performed a Contemporary routine that Jennifer called powerful, beautiful, and connected. Ne-Yo said that the girls were very precise and super tight and were as if they shared a brain. Derek said that the way the girls bodies moved created something very beautiful to watch. The sisters scored 87 points for their dance.

In a series of clips…
the Boys of Temecula scored 80.3 points
Kyntay scored 85.7 points
Tap dancer Kyle van Newkirk scored 80.7 points
Charks Dance Family scored 89 points
Pasion scored 87.7 points
The Posse scored 84 points

Swing Latino from Colombia put on a show of fast dance steps and acrobatic moves that had Derek saying whoa. Derek said that the group was explosive, artistic, and athletic. Ne-Yo said that the group is what the competition is about and proved that they are one of the best. Calling them strong, Jennifer said that she looked forward to seeing more. She served as an interpreter for the group when they spoke Spanish. The group scored 89.3 for their dance.

Ian Eastwood and his Young Lions put on a performance that had Jennifer asking whether Ian sang because he have her some crazy Michael Jackson vibes; adding that the performance felt a little mellow for a dance competition. Derek said that it felt like an artist performance; as in the dance group who performed while an artist sang. Ne-Yo said that the group’s personality and cleanliness were through the roof. Ian and his group scored 83.7 points for their dance.

In a series of more clips Vibration, 801 Squad, and Trent Jeray fell just short of the minimum 80 points required to move on to the next round.

Married couple DNA are Ballroom dancers from the Ukraine. Derek noted that they came to play and understand the competition. Derek appreciated how they incorporated different dance styles into their routine. Ne-Yo called it the sexiest Waltz he had ever seen and while they looked like they were working a bit, he was impressed with the performance. Jennifer said that it was just what she wanted Ballroom dance to look like; adding that while the dance had intensity and passion, she wanted to see a little more control. The couple scored 86 points for the dance.

The final performance of the night was from 14 year old Eva Igo who performed a Contemporary Jazz routine that left the audience screaming and clapping. Derek said that Eva was absolutely extraordinary, dominated the stage, checked every box, and had unprecedented control. Ne-Yo noticed that Eva obviously loved to dance; adding that she was amazing and her lines made her look three feet taller than she was. Noting her superior technique and depth of emotion, Jennifer called Eva such a star. Eva scored 88 points for her dance.

Next week the dual round begins with the dancers going head to head for the right to move on to the next round.

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