Wednesday June 14, 2017 5 Top Stories to Start Your Day

June 14, 2017 5 Top Stories to Start Your Day

1. An enormous fire destroyed a hi-rise apartment building Wednesday, in London. The fire fully engulfed the 24 foot building containing 120 apartments. At last count, there have been 5 killed and more than 50 injured but it is believed there are more trapped in the debris. Fighting for those inside more than 200 firefighters braved the inferno with the backing of 40 different engine departments. London Fire Brigade Commissioner Dany Cotton told reporters “In my 29 years of being a fire fighter, I have never ever seen anything of this scale. I am very sad to confirm that there have been a number of fatalities, I cannot confirm the number at this time due to the size and complexity of this building.”

2. Tuesday, it was announced by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson that North Korea agreed to release American college student, Otto Warmbie, who had been imprisoned for over a year. News of the young man’s release was tempered with the news that Warmbie was being released due to a life-threatening illness. Warmbie is in a coma, the family stated and has been since March 2016.

3. As Attorney General of the United States, Jeff Sessions was being questioned by the Senate Intelligence Committee more than one exchange showed the nasty side of politics but one moment also showed that sexism is alive and well on the hill. Senator Kamala Harris was questioning Sessions, she tried to have the Attorney General respond in a timelier matter as the members were only give 5 minutes a piece to ask questions. Sessions was asked repeatedly for a yes or no answer but continued to draw out answers that didn’t go anywhere. As Senator Harris tried to speed up the way Sessions was answering, Senator John McCain cut her off even though he is not the Chairman which then prompted the Chairman Richard Burr to admonish Harris. This admonishment is the second time the committee has slighted Senator Harris a former prosecutor. The other time, when Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein testified. She was the only Senator cut off even though there were more robust exchanges with her male counterparts.

4. In a move that will be called partisan politics, almost 200 Democratic lawmakers have signed on to sue President Trump over his business dealings with foreign nations. The suit contends that Trump has breached a clause of the Constitution that forbids foreign payments and gifts. The suit seeks to “obtain relief from the president’s continuing violation of the foreign emoluments clause.” The emoluments clause was created to prevent foreign influence over lawmakers and elected officials. The suit states the needs of emoluments clause “Through this measure, the nation’s founders invested members of Congress with an important role in preventing the corruption and foreign influence that the founders sought to avoid. President Donald J. Trump has a financial interest in vast business holdings around the world that engage in dealings with foreign governments and receive benefits from those governments.”

5. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia released news Tuesday that conjoined twin had been separated after a 11-hour surgery. The children, 2 sisters, 10 months old, were conjoined at the head and are now recovering in the ICU. Dr. Jesse Taylor said in a news release that “Separating conjoined twins is a very complex surgery followed by a long and complicated recovery, but we are very hopeful for a positive outcome.” Taylor is the reconstructive surgeon who led the procedure that utilized 30 medical personnel. The hope is the sisters will go home later this year.

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