Erendina Wallenda Makes History in Niagara Falls

For generations the Wallenda family have high wire walkers and daredevil stunt artists.

The_Flying_Wallendas_in_Sarasota,_Florida_(9128664897)By State Library and Archives of Florida –, No restrictions,

Five years ago – on June 15, 2012 -, Nik Wallenda defied the wind and mist to walk across a wire suspended 1,800 feet across from Goat Island – part of the Niagara Falls State Park – in the United States to Canadian soil in Niagara Falls, traversing over the Horseshoe Falls.

Nik_Wallenda_Niagara_Falls_2012By dpape on Flickr – Flickr, CC BY 2.0,

To mark that anniversary, Wallenda’s wife Erendira completed a feat of her own…performing acrobatic moves with a hoop, including hanging by her teeth and toes, suspended from a helicopter 300 above the Horseshoe Falls.

By hanging by her teeth at a height of 300 feet in the air, Wallenda broke the record set by her husband in 2011 when he hung by his teeth from a height of 250 feet in Branson, Missouri at Silver Dollar City.

Like her husband, Wallenda was tethered at the waist in compliance with New York state law regarding safety of any event that occurs mor than six meters (18 feet) above the ground.

After returning to terra firma, Wallenda said that though windier than she expected it, “felt amazing.” The mother of three added that girls can do anything a guy can do…but more graceful.

Wallenda’s helicopter took off and landed from the roof of the parking garage at the Seneca Niagara Resort and Casino.

Contributions of $35,000 each from the city of Niagara Falls and Niagara County; along with a $50,000 contribution from Seneca Gaming Corporation.

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