One Lincoln County, Oklahoma Jail Escapee Still on the Run

Authorities apprehended three of the four inmates who escaped from Lincoln County jail in Chandler, Oklahoma on Wednesday, June 14, 2017. Back in police custody are Sonny Baker, 41; Jeremy Irvin, 31; and Trey Goodnight, 27. The repeat jail escapee, Brian Moody 23, remains on the run although law enforcement indicates they are tracking Moody in a rural area.

Update 6/15/2017: Brian Moody, 23, taken back into custody today in Lincoln County and returned to Lincoln County jail, from which he has escaped on Monday, June 12, 2017.

Early Wednesday morning, after receiving a tip from fishermen who spotted two of the escaped inmates, Pottawatomie County deputies apprehended Trey Goodnight and Jeremy Irvin after giving chase of the pair in the North Canadian River. Goodnight, who faced charges of property crimes was captured first as a helicopter hovered overhead, then Irvin, previously charged with first-degree murder, was captured just minutes later.

The two men, who had been traveling together since their escape from the Lincoln County jail on Monday, June 12, 2017, were found in an area about 30 miles west of Oklahoma City, near Dale.

Sonny Baker, one of the two repeat jail escapees, who had originally been charged with property crimes and now faces additional charges related to his jail escapes in both March 2017 and this escape, was also taken into police custody on Wednesday when he was found near Carney, Oklahoma.

Brian Moody, the lone remaining jail escapee, pictured on the top right of the inmate’s mugshot photos above, is believed to be either in eastern Logan County or western Lincoln County where an Oklahoma Highway Patrol airplane was requested to search on Wednesday.

This is Moody’s second jail escape, having escaped from Lincoln County jail previously with Sonny Baker in March 2017. Moody, who was initially jailed with charges of property crimes, faced charges related to his jail escape in March and will face new charges due to his recent escape as well.

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