Drag Race Gets Reunited

Like in seasons past, “RuPaul’s Drag Race” waits two weeks between revealing the final queens and announcing the winner. While we wait, RuPaul has brought all of the season nine queens back for a little reunion and the naming of Miss Congeniality.


The show begins with a little reading…and the remark that Alexis could dish it out, but couldn’t take it. After the question was raised could Alexis take it, RuPaul brought out the “reading glasses” and the queens did some “reading”.

RuPaul brought up the “shocking” eliminations this season. Charlie revealed that during the cheer leading challenge, she was injured – had a cracked rib. The queens weren’t buying the rib issue; especially after Eureka kept going with a bad knee. There was some question as to whether or not Charlie was ready to go home and had given up.

RuPaul noted that she sees all the audition tapes and gets a bit upset when the queens appear to give up.

Another shocking elimination was Eureka’s when under doctor’s orders she was sent home. An emotional Eureka said that it was hard for her to leave. A few of the queens admitted that they were happy when Eureka left because they saw her as a threat. Trinty said that she was an amazing entertainer. Eureka said that he knee is better.

The third shocking elimination was Valentina after reluctantly removing her mask for the lip sync for your life. Valentina said that she was in a state of shock. Valentina’s fans were very upset over the elimination and went after the other girls. She said that she didn’t agree with what was said. The queens asked why Valentina didn’t say something to her fans over the issue. Valentina said that she didn’t agree with the negative attitude. She said that she was torn and lost after her elimination. RuPaul said that she picked every one of the girls and has the highest hopes for each of them but if they mess up in any way, then they will be gone.

Nina Bo’Nina Brown was often negative during her time on the show, even sometimes accusing the queens of talking about her behind her back. The other queens often tried to ask about her and help her out. The queens told Nina to name names…she idn’t. RuPaul said that her biggest obstacles she ever faced were some of the perceptions of herself.

Kris Jenner sent a video saying that she loved Alexis Michelle’s rendition of her in the episode of Kardashians: The Musical.

The gayest ball ever wasn’t gay for everyone. Alexis agreed that she needed to step it up in the challenge but added that nobody could do what Alexis did. Some of the queens “weren’t feeling” all of the costumes.

Each week “RuPaul’s Drag Race” runs for only an hour, but there is much more film that never gets seen, RuPaul showed a few clips of never before seen with the celebrity guests.

In “Toot or Boot”, the queens remark on some of the runway looks over the season.

In the fan voted Miss Congeniality, last year’s winner Cynthia Lee Fontaine presented the award to season nine winner Valentina. Valentina dedicated the award to her mother. Not all of the queens agreed with the fan vote. The queens say that she was the fan favourite but not Miss Congeniality.

RuPaul reveals that next week the final four with have to compete in a knock down drag out lip sync battle to win the crown.

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