On This Day in History: June 17

On June 17, the Statue of Liberty arrived in New York harbor, ready to be placed for the world to see. Here’s a look at the events that took place across the globe today in history.

1579: Sir Francis Drake Lands and Claims California

On this day in British history, Sir Francis Drake landed at California, claiming it for England. The land was called “Nova Albion” and Drake remained there for a month to repair his ships. The landing came 18 months after Drake had left England with just five ships to raid all Spanish holdings along the New World’s Pacific coast. Only one out of the five ships made it to the Pacific Ocean, The Golden Hind. It would take just over a year for Drake to return to England with his treasures and information.

Drake California

1885: New York Harbor Receives the Statue of Liberty

In history today, the Statue of Liberty arrived in America. It was dismantled and sent in 200 cases from France, who had given it as a gift to commemorate the American Revolution. The statue was supposed to be completed by 1876 for the 100th anniversary of American independence, but it took longer to raise the funds for it. It took a year for the Americans to reassemble the statue and dedicate it in a ceremony overseen by President Grover Cleveland.

1953: East Berlin Anti-Government Riots Crushed by the Soviets

On this day in history, anti-government protesters and rebels in East Germany were stopped by the Soviets. Construction workers had started rioting and protesting against their increasing work schedules and the lack of free elections. The Soviets moved in and crushed the forces without any warning. Between 15 and 20 people died and more than 100 were injured, as some chose to fight back. The method to stop protests was used again by the Soviets in 1956 and 1968 in Hungary and Czechoslovakia respectively.

Famous Birthdays on June 17

King Edward I England—1239

King Charles XII of Sweden—1682

Astronomer Cesar F Cassini de Thury—1714

Publisher & writer Everhardus J Potgieter—1808

Queen Sophia Frederika Mathilde of the Netherlands—1818

American civil rights leader James Weldon Johnson—1871

Film editor Ralph E. Winters—1909

Mandy singer Barry Manilow—1943

Tennis player Venus Williams—1980

The 100 actress Maria Avgeropoulos—1986

Rapper Kendrick Lamar—1987


Featured image from Deposit Photos

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Sir Francis Drake Landing at California: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francis_Drake#/media/File:Drake_CA_1590.jpg

East Berlin Protests by Bundesarchiv, B 285 Bild-14676/CC-3.0

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