LA Auditions Continue on SYTYCD

The auditions continue on season 14 of “So You Think You Can Dance”. Last week in the Los Angeles auditions, several of the dancers raised the bar on the competition. This week the dancers are going to have to really bring it in order to make the cut.


Mary Murphy returned to the show and picked up where she left off with the screams and hot tamale train.

Continuing in Los Angeles, first up was Tristen and Jensen from Provo, Utah with a Samba. And Jensen is the younger sister of SYTYCD alum and “Dancing with the Stars professional dancer Lindsay Arnold. Judges Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and Vanessa Hudgens all agreed that the couple were tremendous dancers. The duo got a ticket to the Dance Academy.

After a few clips award winning horse rider Cody Osterenca performed what he called a Belly Dance/Hip-Hop fusion and while the judges loved his belly dancing, they felt that while Cody had a lost to offer, he didn’t have enough to compete on the show.

Sade Keinu Austin was born to dance – both of her parents have danced and done choreography for Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey. Nigel called her Hip-Hop routine tremendous; adding that she had so much energy. Mary said that she was on fire , had so much attack, energy, and precision. Nigel called Sade’s mom on stage and the duo danced together for the first time. Sade got her ticket to the Dance Academy.

Matthew Deloch has been dancing since he was two years old. He performed a Contemporary routine that Nigel called terrific; adding that Matthew had an amazing center and terrific elevation. He called it one of the most outstanding routines he had ever seen. Mary called the routine mind blowing; adding that he made the leaps look so easy. Vanessa called the routine amazing and incredible with so much control; adding that she would like to feel more emotion.

After more dance clips Inyoung “Dassy” Lee who moved to America from South Korea for the chance to dance on SYTYCD performed a Hip-Hop routine to music htat included a mashup with Dame Shirley Bassey. Mary said the dance had more than she could have dreamed for; adding the Dassy was an entertainer. Saying that she loved it, Vanessa called the dance amazing, original, and fun to watch. Noting that he was once Shirley Bassey’s choreographer, Nigel said that he thinks Dame Shirley would have loved to see the dance. Dassy got her ticket to the Dance Academy.

Blessin Giraldo is a Step Dancer who also teaches the style in her native Baltimore. Mary noted that there was so much fire and passion in Blessin’s performance; adding that the show would be tough with all the various styles. Vanessa loved Blessin’s passion and drive. Nigel said that he would love to have Blessin’s crew on the show. The judges sent her to the choreography round where she failed to impress the judges enough to stay.

After some clips of bone bending moves, came the final Los Angeles audition from Dustin Payne. While a Hip-Hop dancer, at times Dustin seemed to be gliding across the floor as if he were on ice skates and defying gravity with some of his moves. Vanessa noted that she saw some moves she had never seen before. Mary said that Dustin’s transitions were out of this world; adding that she loved the vocabulary of movement in his dance.

After spending an hour with creative producer and choreographer Mandy Moore in the choreography round, 23 dancers survived to move on with a ticket to the Dance Academy.

Next week, it’s on to New York City and more auditions.

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