Duels Begin on ‘World of Dance’

This week on “World of Dance” the duel rounds begin. The dancers will go head to head with one of their competitors. The dancer with the highest score gets to choose whom they wish to dance against. The winner moves on to the next round.

For this round the dancers hear the remarks after their dance but the scores are not revealed until after both dances are completed.

World of Dance

Up first was “So You Think You Can Dance” winner Fik-Shun who chose Contemporary dancer Nick Daniels for the duel.

Derek said that Fik-Shun’s control over his body was unprecedented. Jennifer loved his musicality; adding that it might be the best in the competition. When Ne-Yo asked how much of the dance was freestyle, Fik-Shun said about 80 percent.

In a trick filled performance, Ne-Yo said that Nick was technically impressive; adding that that was what a duel was all about. Derek said that Nick defies the limits of anatomy. Jennifer noted that the flexibility meant nothing without emotion.

Nick scored 87.7 points and Fik-Shun scored 90.7 points. Fik-Shun told Nick that he was amazing.


Next up were the Latin dance groups Swing Latino and the Miami All Stars.

Up first Swing Latino had Jennifer out of her seat dancing in a routine that was filled with lifts and dancers throwing each other around. Jennifer spoke to the Colombian dancers in Spanish. Ne-Yo asked Jennifer to translate and made an explosion sound. Calling the routine explosive, Derek said that the group had insane energy.

The Miami All Stars chose a trick filled Swing Dance routine to the music of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Saying that they stepped it up, Derek called the performance fantastic; adding that the duel was everything he could have wanted. Ne-Yo said that it was like a Broadway performance. Jennifer said that the dance was a party from beginning to end.

Swing Latino scored 91.7 points and the Miami All Stars scored 88.3 points. Swing Latino will move to the next round.


Eva Igo and Kyntay battled it out. Havng toured with Janet Jackson, Kyntay took to the dance floor first with a routine that made Jennifer happy; adding that the routine was adorable and she really enjoyed it. Calling the dance too cute, Derek said that it was fun to watch and full of a lot of energy.

Contemporary dancer Eva Igo gave a performance that Derek said she had inhuman moves. Ne-Yo said that Eva could beat 12 people if she felt like it. Jennifer said that Eva understood that every move meant something and makes people feel something.

Kyntay scored 82.7 points and Eva Igo scored 89 points. Eva will be moving on to the next round.


In the final duel of the night, teachers and students were pitted against each other when Keoni & Mari and Quck Style danced against each other. Married couple Keoni and Mari performed a dance that Jennifer said was such a narrative for today – the dance included mobile phones – and beautiful to watch. Derek called the routine unbelivable. Ne-Yo said that they duo was as dynamic as any big group.

Norwegians Quick Style danced a routine that they said was created at Keoni and Mar’s place. Derek said that the guys made perfect choices with incredible difficulty. Ne-Yo said that the dance was perfection from start to finish; adding that it was one of the cleanest groups there was in the show. Jennifer said that they smashed the routine.

Keoni and Mair scored 91.3 points and Quick Style scored 89.3 points. Keoni and Mari are moving on to the next round. Ne-Yo told the guys that if it had been anybody else that the guys would have taken it and told the guys to come back next year.

Next week the duels continue.

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