Police Neutralize Suspect in Brussels Train Station Blast

June 20, 2017 Belgian authorities are calling an explosion at the Brussels Central Train Station on Tuesday a terrorist attack.

Following the explosion, the train station was
evacuated along with Belgian capital’s Grand Place, a major tourist attraction. Soldiers were seen patrolling the station which is one of the busiest transportation hub in the country.

Brussels Fire Services spokesman Pierre Meys confirmed that the fire department received a call about a small explosion at the Central Train Station. Witnesses told local news reporters that a man yelled “Allahu Akbar” in Arabic before detonating a explosive device.

The Brussels prosecutor’s office said the male suspect was wearing a backpack and an explosive belt. Belgian troops are being credited with stopping the attacker. No other injuries were reported. Investigators have not established a motive in the Central Train Station attack.

In March, 2016, the Islamic State or ISIS claimed responsibility for coordinated attacks on that crippled an airport and subway system in a suburb of Brussels. In November 2015, ISIS carried out several coordinated attacks on six locations in Paris, killing 130 people and injured hundreds more. France has been in a state of emergency since the 2015 attacks.

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