Things Gets Otherworldly and Buggy on ‘Face Off’

Last week a new season of “Face Off” premiered, but this time the artists were put into two teams for a season of “Divide and Conquer.” Laura was the first to go home leaving one shop with only five artists.

Face Off

When the artists entered the labthis week, they found what resembled an industrial space-age set. McKenzie tells the artists that this week they must create three alien creatures based on a hive insect – the queen, the worker, and the drone. And since this season the teams have formed shops, McKenzie tells them that in the real world, shops do more than just makeup and issues an additional element to the challenge – the teams must create a protective hatching egg for the baby aliens.

This week Twisted Six Effects has chosen Jill to be the team leader and Ethereal Effects has chosen Nelson to be their team leader.

Twisted Six Effects chose the wasp for their insect inspiration and Ethereal Effects chose the termite for their alien creatures.

“Face Off” mentor Michael Westmore visits the lab to offer some advice for the artists. When Michael learns that the artists want to use a male model for the queen alien, he says that he can’t wrap his brain around the idea of using the biggest guy for the female who will be running the place.

Some of Michael’s suggestions cause the artists to scrap ideas and sculpts and start over.

On day two Andrew gives Nelson a hand by reworking the queen’s facial sculpt. With three alien characters and an egg prop, time management becomes a big issue for the teams.

Suzanne had the job of creating the egg and baby alien. She chose to do a two-part mold and several of her team members questioned her decision. Suzanne was a bit upset that they questioned her idea.

Ethereal Effects had some major issues with one of their molds that forced them to wait until application day to get the molds run.

This week the teams are doing a lot of pre-painting before application.

Ethereal Effects still had an issue with one of their molds and ended up sewing it together.

Things got very hectic during last looks.

This week award-winning judge Ve Neill was on the set of her newest film and was not there this week. Joining head judge Glenn Hetrick and Neville Page is four-time Academy Award winning makeup artist Eryn Kureger Mekash.

After the reveal and closer looks, Jill offered the conept for Twisted Six Effects makeups. The monotone yellow character was problematic and was not an interesting sculpture, but the queen character was stunning with a harmonious and sophisticated character. The judges felt that while the group had a more successful makeup this week, they questioned the group’s leadership skills.

Ethereal Effects leader Nelson offered the concept for their characters. The shop have harmonized characters that were cohesive. The judges liked how the artists hid the model’s eyes and adored some of the paint jobs but the queen resembled a big dude in a corset. The judges felt that Nelson was an excellent shop leader.

Head judge Glenn Hetrick named Ethereal Effects as the winning team again this week with Faina as the winning artist.

For Twisted Six Effects KC and Nick were safe but Al, Phil and Jill were in danger of going home. After being in the bottom for the second week, Glenn named Al as the artist going home this week.


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