On This Day in History: June 22

On June 22, Richard II of England officially succeeded his grandfather, despite Edward III dying the day earlier. Here’s a look at historical events from this day.

1377: Richard II Named King of England

On this day in British history, 10-year-old Richard Plantagenet was named King of England. He was the grandson of the former king, Edward III. Edward had died on June 21 and Richard’s father, Edward, the Black Prince, had died a year earlier. Due to his age, Richard’s reign was initially ruled by regents. However, he did have some say during the Peasants’ Revolt in 1381.


Richard II1611: The Mutiny of the ‘Discovery’ Takes Place

While the mutiny of the Bounty is more popular, it wasn’t the only ship to face mutiny. The Discovery crew struggled with starvation after a winter of being trapped by ice around what is now known as Hudson Bay. The crew rallied against captain Henry Hudson, setting him with seven supporters and his teenage son adrift. The eight were never seen again. The crew of the Discovery returned to England, where they were arrested for mutiny.

1941: German Forces Invade Russia

Today in World War II history Hitler’s German troops invaded Russia. The troops moved forward before dawn from the west, south, and north. The decision to invade broke the anti-invasion pact that had been signed between leaders of both countries in 1939. The invasion was known as Operation Barbarossa, with most of Ukraine and Belarus occupied by the Nazis. Leningrad was surrounded, where the Red Army fought back and prevented a quick invasion. The Russians burned crops and villages to prevent supplies being taken by the Nazis. Due to the work of the Red Army, Germany couldn’t take Moscow before the winter set in and they found themselves pushed back in December 1941, making it Hitler’s first major defeat in the war.

Henry Hudson

Famous Birthdays on June 22

King Philips de Schone of Castilia—1478

Blind composer Pablo Bruna—1611

Christiansborg Castle architect Nikolaj Eigtved—1701

Union general during the Civil War James Henry Lane—1814

King Solomon’s Mine author Henry Rider Haggard—1856

Broadcaster & journalist Edmund A. Chester—1897

Bank robber John Dillinger—1903

First modern hospice founder Cicely Saunders—1918

Sophie’s Choice actress Meryl Streep—1949

Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown—1964

TV show host Carson Daily—1973


Featured image from Deposit Photos

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