On This Day in History: June 23

Higher Education programs in the United States were banned from discriminating against individuals today in history. Here’s a look at the history and birthdays from June 23.

1661: Marriage Contract Between Charles II of England & Scotland and Catherine of Braganza Created

Catherine of Braganza

On this day in British history, Charles II of England and Catherine of Braganza’s marriage contract was created and signed. This was despite Spain being against the marriage, for political reasons. The marriage contract meant that English would secure India’s Seven Islands of Bombay and North Africa’s Tangier from the Portuguese. It would also gain trading privileges around the East Indies and Brazil, along with commercial and religious freedom in Portugal. Of course, money was also included. All Portugal gained was military support against its neighbor, Spain, and the allowance for Catherine to follow her own Roman Catholic religion in a Protestant England. The marriage wouldn’t take place until a year later.


1902: The Mercedes Brand Name Registered

Today in history, Daimler-Motoren-Gesellscahft (DMG), a famous German automaker, registered Mercedes as its brand name. It would take another two months for full legal protection, but it was the start for the brand that is now considered one of the top manufacturers in the world. It wouldn’t be until 1909 that the three-point symbol was registered as a trademark, so it wasn’t used on all vehicles until 1910.

Charles II

1972: Higher Education Act Signed by President Nixon

President Nixon signed the controversial Higher Education Act on this day in history. The act meant that higher education programs weren’t allowed to discriminate against their students for any extra curricular or sports funding. The introduction of the act meant that women’s sports in colleges around the country saw a surge in participants.

Famous Birthdays on June 23

Pharaoh Ptolemy XV of Egypt–47 BC

Francis II, Duke of Brittany–1433

Margaret of Denmark, Queen Consort of Scotland–1456

Maria Leszczyńska, Queen Consort of France–1703

Linguist Matthijs Siegenbeek–1774

Mathematician William Ernst Johnson–1858

Olympic runner Able Kiviat–1892

King Edward VIII of Great Britain–1894

Legally BlondeCruel Intentions actress Selma Blair–1972

The Big Bang Theory actress Melissa Rauch–1980

Instagram social strategist Crystal Leigh–1984

Gaming vlogger Tom Cassell–1993


Featured image from Deposit Photos

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