New ‘Watch-Bras’ Keep Women Abreast of Personal Health

Bras are now being manufactured capable of detecting personal health issues like breast cancer and cardio conditions. At Columbia’s National University, it appears an innovative group of scientific researchers are developing bras able to detect any abnormalities in the breast, acting like a kind of ‘watch- bra’ for breast cancer.

New ‘Watch-Bras’ Keep Women Abreast of Personal Health

New ‘Smart Bras’

Plans are also in the works to create a Boomer Tech Boomer Bra that will be a medical detective and monitor women’s cardio health. Well, why not? They have Fit watches that can track your physical activity progress. So ‘Smart-Bras’ are actually not that far off the charts, especially considering the prevalence of heart disease in both men and women worldwide.

The Bloomer Bra works by utilizing circuits with sensors that are sewn into the lining of the bra. They will then be able to track electrocardiogram signals by connecting via Bluetooth to a phone app. But how does it work as a supportive bra for daily use? There are those, like lingerie expert and blogger Kim Caldwell that aren’t so sure.
Says Kim,“It sounds fascinating. But a bra has two important jobs, which is to support you in the breast and give you great shape in your clothes… Once you start adding things like pouches and heart detectors, it becomes a little complicated. But if it’s the best tool to deliver something that’s beneficial to someone’s health, that’s fantastic. But are these technology people as focused on fit? I’m not sure. It almost sounds like a medical device and not a supportive, basic bra.” So where will this new technology end?

Cindy Gu, a yoga practitioner in BC has already launched the Vitali Smart Bra with a processor built-in that actually reminds you to work out, watch your posture and breathe properly. Perhaps they will come up with computer programs built-in to undergarments that will be able to remind you of bill payments, help you speak a new language or even talk on your cell. Is ‘Bra-talkting’ in our Brave New World? Somehow I don’t think we’re quite ready for it.

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