On This Day in History: June 25

The Mann Act was passed by Congress today in history. While it remains in force today, it has been through substantial changes due to the way it was initially written. Here’s a look at the events and birthdays from June 25 throughout history.

1876: The Battle of Little Bighorn

In history today, Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer faced against Chiefs Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse at the Battle of Little Bighorn. The two Native American tribe defeated the American troops at Little Bighorn River, Montana. The buildup for the battle had started in 1875, after American troops ignored previous treaty agreements and invaded the South Dakota Black Hills region for discovered gold. Cheyenne and Sioux tribes went to Montana and joined forces to take back their land. Despite requiring reinforcements, on June 25, Custer decided to push forward with advancements instead of wait for the coming reinforcements. There were too many Native Americans to fight against (3,000 against 200!), and all American troops, along with Custer, were killed within the hour. The Battle of Little Bighorn is also known as Custer’s Last Stand and goes down in history as the worst Plains Indian War American defeat.

Battle of Little Bighorn

1910: The Mann Act Passed

The Mann Act, also referred to as the White Slave Traffic Act, was passed by Congress on this day in history. It was an attempt to prevent innocent young girls from being pulled into prostitution, but it made some consensual sexual activity a crime. The wording of the Act meant that “transporting any woman or girl” across state lines for “any other immoral purpose” was illegal, even if the “immoral purpose” was consensual. Women would use the act to get revenge on husbands when they had affairs and JAck Johnson was arrested due to public outcry mainly due to his marriage to white women! Charlie Chaplin and Chuck Berry were both convicted of offenses through the Mann Act. In 1986, the Mann Act went through a major change in wording. The “any other immoral purpose” now reads as “any sexual activity for which any person can be charged with a criminal offense.”

1953: John Christie Sentenced to Death

Today in British history John Christie was sentenced to death for the murder of his wife. It took the jury less than 90 minutes to decide that Christie was guilty–he’d said that while he had committed murder, he was not guilty due to temporary insanity. Christie’s wife’s body had been found under the floorboards of his home, along with bodies of eight other women (one of those a baby girl). Two of the bodies were identified as the wife and child of Christie’s neighbor Timothy Evans. Evans had been found guilty and already executed for the murder of his daughter, but Christie was found guilty of Evan’s wife’s murder. Christie was executed the next month with around 200 people waiting outside the penitentiary for the execution notice.

Famous Birthdays on June 25

Beatrice of England, Duchess of Brittanny–1242

Johanna II, Queen of Naples–1373

Politician Joseph-François Foulon–1715

Confederate Navy Captain James Dunwody Bulloch–1823

Oklahoma actress Charlotte Greenwood–1893

Animal Farm and Ninteen Eighty-Four author George Orwell–1903

Mystery writer Dorothy Gilman–1923

Faith singer George Michael–1963

NBA All-Star Dikembe Mutombo–1966

The Powerpuff Girls animator Lauren Faust–1974

Crash & Bernstein actress McKenna Grace–2006


Featured Image from Deposit Photos

Birthdays from OnThisDay.com and FamousBirthdays.com

Battle of Little Bighorn: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_the_Little_Bighorn#/media/File:Charles_Marion_Russell_-_The_Custer_Fight_(1903).jpg

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