Auditions Head East on SYTYCD

This week the auditions for “So You Think You Can Dance” moves cross country to New York City.


Getting the night started was Impavido – Kaylee with a Contemporary dance that brought the judges to their feet. Noting that there are a lot of dancers who can do what she does, Nigel said that what sets Kaylee apart is that she is an individual; adding that there was a neat style and a little funk about her. Calling the danc amazing, Mary loved it and noted that Kaylee ooozed confidence. Vanessa called Kaylee a great and beautiful dancer. Kaylee got her ticket to the Dance Academy in Los Angeles.

Nigel noted that the standard had been set for future auditions in New York City.

Colombian born Ana Sanchez brought a dancer partner who was not auditioning for the show – he was 31 years old and too old to compete – for a Colombian Salsa that had Mary Murphy screaming. Mary noted that the dancers needed so much stamina for the fast paced dance; adding that the duo had some phenomenal tricks in their dance. Calling the dance fun, Vanessa said that she had so much fun just watching them dance. Nigel noted that the couple had some lifts that he had never seen before; adding that Ana’s had a great partner. Ana got her ticket for the Dance Academy.

Japanese born Koine Iwasaki came to the United States when she was two years old. Before she learned to speak English, dance was her second language and said that things she could not say. Her audition brought the judges to their feet. Nigel said that Koine had power, strength, and tremendous technique. Vanessa said that Koine had control, precision and showed so much in her dance. Vanessa noted that the last move gave her chills and Koine was a pleasure to watch. Mary said that there were so many layers to Koine’s audition; adding that she is beautiful, strong, and talented. Koine got her ticket to the Dance Academy.

After some clips of Hip-Hop dancers, Joseph “Klassic” Carella and Huwer “Havoc” Marche Jr introduced dance fans to Flexing in a performance that had incredible control andbrought the judges to their feet. Nigel said that the guys were very artistic; adding that Havoc was a genius with some moves he had never seen before. Mary called the guys awesome and Vanessa said that they were very cool; adding that they told a story with their dance. The guys got their ticket to the Dance Academy.

Tap dancer Chaz Wolcott is 29 and has one last chance to audition for the show. The son of Swing dancers, Chaz brought the judges to their feet with his Tap dance routine. After screaming, Mary said that she loved the dance. Vanessa said that she felt Chaz in the dance; adding that it had some yumminess in the dance. Saying that it was one of the best Tap dance routines he had ever seen, Tap dancing judge Nigel Lythgoe noted that Chaz had perfect choreography to the music. Chaz got his ticket to the Dance Academy.

Coming to the stage in a fur coat and high heels, Darius – The Bigger Cheese put on a performance that Nigel said looked more like a lip sync performance than a dance audition. Mary noted that Darius did go full out with his performance. The judges told Darius no but also told him to come back.

After the audition, Nigel turned around and asked if anyone wanted to come up, take their shirt off, and audition. One guy did.

After some clips of Contemporary dancers, dance teacher and dance company leader Ryan Bailey performed his unique style of Contemporary dance. In a bit of a contradiction, Nigel said that he liked it because he didn’t like it; adding that Ryan made his change his thoughts about dance. Calling it the most bizarre audition she had ever seen, Mary said that Ryan messed with their emotions with his dance. Vanessa said that the dance was confusing to her; adding that it was interesting and different. Ryan got his ticket to the Dance Academy.

Next week the auditions continue in New York City.

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