On This Day in History: June 26

On this day in history, President John F. Kennedy issued a speech that made it clear America was with the West Germans. Here’s a look at events and birthdays from June 26 throughout history.

1483: Richard, Duke of Gloucester Proclaims Himself King

After the death of King Edward IV in April 1483, the world presumed that Edward’s elder son, also named Edward, would become the next king. However, Richard, Duke of Gloucester as regent found a way to make Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville’s marriage void. Their children became illegitimate and Richard was next in line for the throne. On this day in British history, Richard declared himself Richard III of England and his wife Anne Neville as his queen consort.

RIchard III

1807: Deadliest Lightning Strike in History Takes Place

On this day in history, possibly the deadliest lightning strike in history took place in Luxembourg. While 73 people die from lightning in the United States on a yearly basis, they tend to be one at a time. Today in history, a lightning strike hit a Luxembourg gunpowder factory. The ammunition stored by Napoleon at the time ignited and then exploded. Around 300 people were killed in the blast, with two blocks completely destroyed.

1963: President John F. Kennedy’s “Ich Bin Ein Berliner” Speech

In history today, JFK issued a morale-boosting speech to the West Germans. It was his famous “Ich bin ein Berliner,” which means “I am from Berlin” but also “I am a donut” in the German language. It was a turning point during the Cold War, as the Germans had been alarmed at the construction of the Berlin Wall at the time. JFK also made it clear that the Americans were not on the side of the Soviets, who hoped for Western Allies. Contrary to popular belief now, JFK never actually said that he was from Berlin, but that “Ich bin ein Berliner” was the proudest boast in the world of freedom and that he took pride in the words as a free man.

Anne Catherine of Brandenburg

Famous Birthdays on June 26

Anne Catherine of Brandenburg, Queen of Denmark and Norway—1575

Composer Johannes Schultz—1582

Academic Thomas Clap—1703

Johan I Jozef, monarch of Liechtenstein—1760

Physicist and Engineer William Thomson—1824

Canadian Prime Minister Robert Borden—1854

Author Pearl Sydenstricker Buck—1892

French politician Aimé Césaire—1913

Writer & film director Tadeusz Konwicki—1926

Will & Grace actor Sean Hayes—1970

New York Knicks basketball player Iman Shumpert—1990

“Problem” singer Ariana Grande—1993


Featured image from Deposit Photos

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