Duels Continue on ‘World of Dance’

It’s week two of the duel rounds on “World of Dance”.

The dancers with the highest scores got to select whom they will dance against.

World of Dance

First up was Diana Pombo who chose The Posse as her duel competition. The Posse used a rope prop in their routine. Jennifer said that the routine gave her many different feels. An impressed Ne-Yo said that the routine was very tight and clean; adding that they gave a powerful performance. Derek said that the routine was creative and risky; adding that it had everything.

Eleven year old Diana Pombo brought the judges to their feet. Jennifer said that her routine had seamless quality in her moves. Ne-Yo said that the dance was technically impressive; adding that he loved it and called her a warrior princess. Derek noted that Diana has a special ability to connect to the music and audience.

The Posse scored 86 points for their dance and Diana Pombo scored 91.3 points for her dance. Ne-Yo told The Posse that he saw so much potential in the group; adding that he needed them to come back next year. Diana will move on to the next round.

B-Boys Super Cr3w went up against Royal Flux. The “America’s Best Dance Crew” alums Super Cr3w chose a Michael Jackson song for their routine that blew Jennifer’s mind. Ne-Yo called the battle studio vs street; adding it was what the competition was about. Jennifer noted that the routine just got better and better. Noting the cleanliness of the routine, Derek said that the routine was really great.

Royal Flux performed a routine that Derek said was awesome; adding that the group was true to who they are. Ne-Yo called the routine amazing. Jennifer said that the routine had magic, was beautiful, and pushed the limits of dance.

Royal Flux scored 86.3 points for their dance with Super Cr3w scored 89 points for their dance and will move on to the next round.

The Lab and The Boys of Temecula battled it out in dance. Up first was The Lab with a dance that Ne-Yo said didn’t need the gimmick – they staged a boxing match. He also noted that anybody who could get Jennifer to dance under the table was doing something. Jennifer loved the concept; adding that they played the parts really well and delivered on every level. Noting that they surprised them, Derek loved the visuals.

The Boys of Temecula performed a routine that Derek said was fun; adding that the head slide was awesome. Noting that the guys were smartly dressed, Ne-Yo called the routine clean and super fun. Saying that they did a really awesome job, Jennifer loved how the guys used the stage.

The Boys of Temecula scored 84.7 points for their dance and The Lab scored 89.7 points for their dance. The Lab moves on to the next level. Ne-Yo told The Boys of Temecula that they didn’t lose – you win or you learn.

In the final duel of the night, Le Twins chose Tap dancer Kyle Van Newkirk for a battle. Up first Kyle used a prop as a part of his routine that added some extra rhythms to the dance. Jennifer noted that the routine showed why you can’t count anybody out; adding that the sounds coming out of Kirk’s feet were nuts. Derek noted that the use of a prop was cool; adding that the routine was smooth and risky. Noting that Tap dance has struggled from the beginning, Ne-Yo said that Kyle took a risk and that spoke volumes about him as an artist.

French dancers Le Twins brought Jennifer out of her chair. Jennifer said that the dance was pretty amazing; adding that she like the spontaneity and how you never knew what was coming. Jennifer said that the guys reminded her not to do the same things over and over on stage. Derek said that the routine was well done. Ne-Yo applauded the guys for choosing Kyle for the duel.

Kyle Van Newkirk scored 86 points for his dance and Le Twins scored 92 points for their dance. Le Twins move on to the next round.

Next week the duel rounds conclude including a three way battle.

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