Fairy Tale Families on ‘Face Off’

Last week on “Face Off” Twisted Six Effects saw a second team member sent home and has only four team members remaining against the six on Ethereal Effects.

Face Off

When the artists come into the lab they find McKenzie standing in front of four doors.

She tells the artists that this season they want the teams to be as competitive as possible so to even things up a bit, the judges have decided to take one of the artists away from Ethereal Effects and put them on Twisted Six Effects to even up the teams. The judges chose Joseph to join Twisted Six.

McKenzie tells the artists that many fairy tales have had characters who inhabited some very unique homes. Behind the doors are photographs of off beat homes that they will use to create a whimsical family of three characters who would live in that home.

McKenzie reminds the artists that in choosing the foreperson of the week, there cannot be a repeat foreperson until all of the team members have had the opportunity to hold the post. This week Suzanne is the foreperson for Ethereal Effects and Nick is the foreperson for Twisted Six Effects.

The twist this week for the artists is that they have only two days to complete the challenge. McKenzie reminds the artists to make smart choices and not to take on too much.

Jill questions Nick’s concept and notes that her character does not match his.

Kiersin has never done a beauty makeup and she is working on her first face this season. She questions whether or not her character fits in with the team concept.

Known as a horror guy, Andrew is not familiar with creating whimsical characters.

Michael Westmore visits the lab to mentor the artists. He also remarks on Jill’s sculpt.

After Michael leaves the lab, Nick decides that he should offer some help to Jill but Jill doesn’t want Nick’s assistance. Jill is frustrated and feels that Nick doesn’t respect her artistic vision. When Jill walks away, Nick removes clay from Jill’s sculpt and begins to rebuild it to look more like the character he has created. Jill is still unhappy with Nick; while Nick says that he is concerned about the characters being a cohesive group.

By the end of day one all of the sculpts have been molded.

Going into last looks there is still much to do and Jill still questions her direction and the paint scheme on her character. Kierstin is worried the team’s characters are not a cohesive group.

Ve Neill returns to join regular judges Glenn Hetrick and Neville Page. This week there is also a special guest judge – award winning actress Elizabeth Mitchell – “Once Upon a Time” and “Lost”.

After the reveal and closer looks the judges speak with some of the artists.

The judges thought that Faina and Andrew’s work was awesome, wonderful so fun, and had character; adding that it had a phenomenal paint job. Elizabeth was entranced.

Ve didn’t feel that Suzanne and Nelson’s character didn’t fit in with the other characters in the family; adding that they didn’t follow the directive. Elizabeth said that the charater had elegance about her.

KC and Joseph created a character that Elizabeth thought was really cool and whimsical. Glenn loved the sculpt.

Neville said that Jill did not use elegant execution. Glenn asked about the conflict within the team and said that Nick removing clay from Jill’s sculpt was tantamount to sacrilege in the industry.

Saying that they had an awesome set of characters that transplanted them to the character’s world, Glenn named Ethereal Effects as the winning shop for the third week in a row. Noting that he perfectly captured the challenge, Glenn named Andrew as the winning artists this week.

KC, Joseph, and Phil of Twisted Six Effects were all safe but Nick and Jill were in the bottom and in risk of being eliminated from the competition. Glenn named Nick as the eliminated artist this week; saying that he did something that was a big taboo; adding that being the foreman was not a pass to do whatever you wanted.

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