On This Day in History: June 28

On June 28, the teenager Edward Plantagenet was crowned Edward IV of England. Here’s a look at the events and birthdays from history today.

1461: Coronation of Edward IV of England

After deposing the Lancastrian king Henry VI of England, Edward Plantagenet became the new king. He had rode from Lambeth to the Tower of London just two days earlier. The coronation of Edward IV took place at Westminster, with Thomas Bourchier, Archbishop of Canterbury doing the honors. William Booth, Archbishop of York assisted in the ceremony, and then a traditional banquet took place.


Queen VictoriaOn the same day in 1838, Queen Victoria of Great Britain was crowned at Westminster. Victoria’s coronation saw the largest crowds ever due to the updated railways that made it easier for people to commute to London for the event. The road route for the carriage was extended to allow more people to see their queen.

1914: Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand

Today in history, Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie were assassinated by a Bosnian Serb nationalist. The assassination took place during the official Bosnian capital visit, and sparked the events that would lead to World War I later that year. The assassination was in answer to the anger of Bosnia and Herzegovina people after the country was annexed by Austria-Hungary six years earlier.

Also on this day in history, World War I would come to an end, after the Treaty of Versaille was signed by Allied Powers and Germany.

1993: Denise Sam-Cali Raped and Murdered

On June 28, Denise Sam-Cali was raped and murdered in her Allentown home. It was the third attack in the month, but wouldn’t be the last from the attacker. More than two weeks later, Sam-Cali’s attacker would break into the home again. Police decided the best way to catch him was through a stakeout on the home. On July 31, 18-year-old Harvey Robinson broke into the house again and was shot twice. Those bullet wounds would help catch him. DNA evidence and eye witnesses would help to convict him of his crimes and he was sentenced to death.


Henry VIIIFamous Birthdays on June 28

Pope Paul IV—1476

King Henry VIII of England—1491

Hebrew translator John Drusius—1550

Evangelist John Wesley—1703

Italian princess and politician Cristina di Trivulzio di Belgioioso—1808

French Prime Minister Pierre Laval—1883

Composer Richard Rodgers—1902

Actor and director Mel Brooks—1926

Olympic figure skater Sjoukje Dijkstra—1942

Misery & American Horror Story actress Kathy Bates—1948

Con Air actor John Cusack—1966

Supernatural actress Felicia Day—1979


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