On This Day in History: June 29

Today in history, the London Globe Theatre was destroyed by an accidental fire. Here’s a look at events and birthdays from June 29 throughout history around the world.

1613: The Destruction of London’s Globe Theatre

During Henry VIII, a play by William Shakespeare, a cannon went off to announce the arrival of the king on stage. The cannon set the timber of the theater on fire accidentally. The theater had been the home of the majority of Shakespeare’s play openings. Before the opening of the theater, plays were held in ad hoc locations around London. The Globe Theatre was an open-air theater, rounded, and the first of its kind. The theater was rebuilt.

The Globe

1776: Edward Rutledge Opposes Independence

While many in America wanted independent rule from the British, Edward Rutledge shared his reluctance at the Continental Congress in Philadelphia. It wasn’t that he completely opposed it, but that he wanted to exercise patience over independence, worrying that a resolution for independence wouldn’t be created. Rutledge was forced to sign the Declaration of Independence anyway, showing a united front for the Patriots, and he was the youngest American to sign the document.

1974: Argentina Gets First Female President

On this day in history, Maria Estela Isabel Martinez de Peron became the first female Argentine president. IT was as interim leader, after her husband President Juan Peron’s doctors advised him to delegate his responsibilities. Maria Person also became the youngest Latin American head of state, at the age of 43 (her husband was 78) and she remained in that position for two years (even after her husband’s death). She only lost the position after being overthrown by a military junta and never managed to gain the full love of the public, living in the shadow of her husband’s second wife Eva “Evita” Peron.

Maria of Aragon

Famous Birthdays on June 29

John II of Aragon—1397

Maria of Aragon, Queen of Portugal—1482

Emperor Go-Mizunoo of Japan—1596

Composer Josef Labor—1842

Historian James Harvey Robinson Ill—1863

Conductor Hendrik Diels—1901

Political writer John Toland—1912

Kigeli V, last King of Rwanda—1936

Locamotion singer Eva “Little Eva” Boyd—1943

Pussy Cat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger—1978

Opera singer Katherine Jenkins—1980

American Horror Story actress Lily Rabe—1982


Featured image from Deposit Photos

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