MLB Sets Home Run Record

Long time Major League Baseball fans know that there is a cyclical rotation where some years the hitters have the advantage; while others the pitchers are on top.


It’s beginning to look like the 2017 baseball season, is overwhelmingly in the favour of the batters. With a few hours remaining in the month of June, MLB players set the record for the biggest number of home runs in the month of June at 1,068.

San Francisco Giant Denard Span tied a record that had been standing for 17 years when he hit a home run against the Pittsburgh Pirates and later Toronto Blue Jays Justin Smoak broke the record at home in the Rogers Centre against the Boston Red Sox. The previous record for June was 1,012

While the hitters have had the pendulum swinging their way ver the past couple of years, 2017 has seen a marked rise since the season opened in April where 863 home runs were hit despite cooler temperatures in the northern parts of the country resulting in heavier air.

May saw 1,060 home runs hit by major leaguers, just missing the record of 1,069.

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