Nintendo Plans to Release Super NES Classic Edition

Nintendo Super NES Classic Edition via Flickr CC

This Sept. 29, Nintendo is bringing the Super NES back to the market in Classic Edition form. According to the company, the Super NES should be available through the last few months of 2017, although there are currently no plans for the system in 2018.


The 2016 NES Classic


Last year Nintendo released a mini classic version of its 1985 console, the NES, with 30 games included. However, after it came out, it proved difficult to find for many eager buyers. The system was then discontinued in early 2017, leaving others without the opportunity to get their hands on it. Now, 90s gamers are about to get a shot during the fall with the Super NES Classic Edition.


Games and Features


The Super NES Classic will also be a tiny version of its original console, with 21 games included on it, such as Final Fantasy III, Yoshi’s Island, The Legend of Zelda: a Link to the Past, Punch Out!!, and other popular titles. Available for $79.99 in the United States, the system comes with two controllers and multi-player capabilities, as well as the design of the original model.


The system also comes with a never-before-released game on the first console, Starfox 2. Starfox 2 is the sequel to the 1993 Super NES game Starfox. Originally intended for release in 1995, Starfox 2 was cancelled only a short time before it was meant to come out and is now about to become playable for the first time.


It is unknown whether or not there will be enough copies to keep up with demand, due to the trouble buyers had with scalpers taking and reselling the NES Classic for expensive prices. In the meantime, the Super NES Classic Edition is available for pre-order from retailers, so those looking for a head start can reserve their spot early.



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