On This Day in History: June 30

On June 30, a French king suffered a fatal injury during a jousting accident. This is a look at events and birthdays from today in history around the world.

1559: King Henri II of France Suffers Jousting Accident

Henri II

King Henri II hosted a jousting event to celebrate a peace treaty between Spain and France. The jousting tournaments lasted a few days in the month, with Henri taking part on this day in history. His wife, Catherine de Medici, had tried to persuade him not to joust due to bouts of giddiness after physical exertion, but he ignored her. It was during a second joust against his Scottish guard, the Count of Montgomery, when the lance hit Henri’s helmet. A splinted penetrated Henri’s brain through his eye and the king died on July 10 from his injuries.

1900: New Jersey Piers Catch Fire

More than 300 people died on this day, after boats (and the pier) at Hoboken, New Jersey burned. Almost everyone in the NYC area could see the fire. The fire had started near Pier 3 at 4 p.m. but before the fire department made it to the scene, one of the boats Saale had caught fire and drifted into the Hudson River. Most of the workers drowned, as they couldn’t swim. The piers caught fire and they had to be rebuilt with steel.

1992: Margaret Thatcher Takes Seat in House of Lords

A year after leaving the House of Commons and almost two years after stepping down as Prime Minister of Britain, Margaret Thatcher became Baronness Thatch of Kesteven and took her place in the House of Lords. Her first debate was about the Maastrict Treaty, which she was against. Throughout her time in the Lords, she made sure her views against the European Union were heard.


Charles VIII of FranceFamous Birthdays on June 30

Johan the Standvastige, Monarch of Saxon—1468

King Charles VIII of France—1470

Dramatist John Gay—1865

First Lady Elizabeth Kortright Monroe—1768

Painter E J Horace Vernet—1789

Pro wrestler Ed “Strangler” Lewis—1891

American bank robber Willie Sutton—1901

Tulsa actress Susan Hayward—1917

Record producer Mike Leander Farr—1941

Boxer Mike Tyson—1966

American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino—1984

Most-decorated Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps—1985


Featured image from Deposit Photos

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