2017 MLB All Star Rule Changes

On July 3 Major League Baseball will reveal the players that have been chosen for the 2017 All Star Game, but this season baseball fans will see some changes in the way the game will be presented.


The 2017 All Star Game will be held at Marlins Park in Miami on July 11.

Over the past several years the league that won the annual All Star Game also earned the home field advantage in the World Series. Beginning this year, that will no longer be the case.

Fans still had the opportunity to cast their votes for the starting position players, but this year there are only 32 players on each roster – previously there were 34 players on each roster – 20 position players and 12 pitchers. The All Star team coaches – Joe Maddon for the National League and Terry Francona for the American League – do not have a vote in selecting the reserve players and the pitchers; that goes to the Commissioner’s Office, the players themselves, and the fans. In the past the team managers chose the pitchers which at time brought accusations of home team favourtism. However, the team managers will determine which of the pitchers named to the team will start the game.

In the past pitchers who threw on the Sunday prior to the Tuesday All Star Game were not allowed to pitch in the All Star Game; that rule has changed. Pitchers can now participate in a limited capacity if they so choose. Any pitcher who has workload or injury issues must apply for a usage accommodation before they are allowed to play.

The All Star Game in baseball is not necessarily the best 64 players in baseball, but the best each team has to offer. MLB requires that all 30 teams are represented in the All Star Game rosters.

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