On This Day in History: July 1

Today in history, the domination of Canada was established, with 2017 marking the 150th birthday of the country. Here’s a look at events and birthdays from July 1 around the world.

1535: The Start of Thomas More’s Trial

Thomas MOre

On this day in British history, Sir Thomas More’s trial began. He appeared in front of 15 judges for refusing to sign the Oath of Succession. Signing the Oath would mean More would act against his conscience. As a devout Catholic, he refused to convert to Protestantism, fearing his immortal soul. However, he was willing to keep his views to himself. He was found guilty and executed five days later.

Also on this day the following year, the Second Act of Succession gained its first reading. In the Act, both Henry VIII’s daughters, Mary and Elizabeth, we declared illegitimate and removed from the line of succession.

1867: The Domination of Canada Created

Today in history, Canada officially gained some independence from Great Britain through the British North America Act. While it was still part of the Empire, it was a self-governing nation. The areas initially gaining this independence were Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the provinces now known as Quebec and Ontario (initially Lower and Upper Canada, which were merged). Within the decade Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, and most of Hudson Bay became part of the country. The country didn’t gain the Western parts until 1885.

July 1 is now known as Canada Day, and has been called that since 1982. It is a national holiday, with even large stores like Wal-Mart and Home Depot closing for the day. The country is now fully independent but part of the Commonwealth.


Canada Day1997: Chinese Gain Control of Hong Kong

The Chinese gained control of Hong Kong on this day, ending the 150-year British reign over the island. Talks about the Chinese gaining control of the island started in 1982. After more than 20 rounds of discussions, a formal decision was made in 1984. Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain officially signed over the rule to the Chinese in a special ceremony, watched around the world.

Famous Birthdays on July 1

King Christian II of Denmark, Sweden and Norway—1481

King Louis II of Hungary/Bohemia—1506

King Frederick II of Denmark and Norway—1534

Composer Johann Ludwig Steiner—1688

Novelist George Sand—1804

Soldier Arthur Borton—1883

Sports writer Roy McKelvie—1912

Gone with the Wind actress Olivia de Havilland—1916

Baseball player Don Pavletich—1938

Princess Diana of Wales—1961

R&B singer and rapper Missy Elliot—1971

One Tree Hill actress Hiliarie Burton—1982


Featured image from Deposit Photos

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