World of Warcraft Patch Hints at Next Possible New Expansion

Fans of World of Warcraft believe they may have discovered the nature of Blizzard’s next expansion due to some recent hints dropped in the game. As a result, there is speculation going around that patch 7.3, coming out this fall, will be the final major upgrade for the latest expansion, Legion.


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The Burning Legion’s Home

World of Warcraft: Legion was released August 2016 as the sixth expansion of the franchise, with a new story, class, equipment, and other content. The new upcoming patch for this expansion will take players to a whole new zone called Argus, which is home to the Burning Legion, itself. The area will have three different places to explore, updates for game professions, as well as new casting animations, a raid, and a new dungeon.

Information that came out about the patch suggests to players that the next expansion could take place in Kul Tiras, an unplayable area, possibly off the coast of the Eastern Kingdom, but that has had some influence in the game’s story. The most recent patch 7.3 PTR revealed an armor set that caught fans’ attention because of its’ name, Kul Tiras, as well as a map on the skirt that looks similar to the map of Kul Tiras in the original World of Warcraft player manual.

The God of the Deep

In addition, players who know the game and lore well reason that the next mostly likely enemy in the story should be the Old Gods due to hints found in Legion. For instance, a piece of dialogue in the game states, “The God of the Deep writhes in his prison, breaking free ever so slowly. You should hurry and defeat the fallen titan… there are greater battles yet to fight,” in reference to one of the Old Gods.

For the time being, much of this is just speculation, as Blizzard hasn’t yet confirmed any new zones or expansions. For fans wondering if their suspicions are correct, this year’s BlizzCon will take place Nov. 3 and 4.

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