Auditions Conclude on SYTYCD

After taking a week off for the Independence Day holiday, “So You Think You Can Dance” returns to complete the New York City auditions and the SYTYCD auditions.


The first audition of the night was from Magda and Kiki with a Cha Cha that left the judges speechless; they simply held up tickets for the Dance Academy.

After clips of Ballroom dancers who got their tickets to the Dance Academy, returning dancer Zachary Downer brought the house to their feet with his audition. Two years ago Zachary just missed making it to the live shows. Calling him amazing, Mary put Zachary on the hot tamale train. Vanessa said that Zachary was fierce, had stunning shapes, strength, and grace; adding that there was fire in his performance. Noting that Zachary’s dance was Alvin Alleyesque, Nigel said that he was controlled and a beautiful dancer. Zachary got his ticket the the Dance Academy.

Ramita Ravi performed an Indian dance where she mixed traditional and contemporary styles. Calling the dance very interesting, Nigel said that her dance was uplifting. A mesmerized Mary, said that she could watch the style all day long. Vanessa loved Ramita’s hand work, calling it beautiful. Wanting to see more of Ramita, the judges sent her to choregoraphy with award winning choreographer Mandy Moore.

Peter Mangione gave a performance to “Uptown Funk” in a dance that featured a lot of gymnastics. Mary said that she never seen anything quite like it before. Vanessa loved that he gave it his all. Nigel noted that he would like to see more people take a chance. Peter got a no from the judges.

Arielle Disciascio gave a performance that had Nigel saying she had a great style and look; adding that she danced beautifully. Calling the performance spot on, Mary noted how controlled Arielle was. Vanessa noted that Arielle was so animated and very talented. She got her ticket for the Dance Academy.

And the judges saw more dancers returning from past seasons with Jamie Greco, Chris Andrews, Chase Lindsey, and Jason Kidd all getting tickets to the Dance Academy.

Also returning to SYTYCD for his final attempt was Romainson Romain. Dedicating the dance to his cousin who died last year, Romainson gave a powerful but somber performance that had the judges wishing for a lighter performance; telling him that he needs to work on bringing the joy back in his dance. The judges sent Romainson to choreography.

Marc “Fullout” Royale gave it his all but despite his energy, the judges felt his technique needed work.

Ballet dancer Claire Rathbun gave a performance that left the judges wanting more. Vanessa said that her technique was incredible; adding that there was a lot of talent in her. Mary said that Claire had a grace and elegance they hadn’t seen. Nigel noted that he would have liked to have seen even more personality from Claire. Claire got her ticket to the Dance Academy.

In the final audition, Japanese born Lex Ishimoto performed an improvisational dance that brought the house to their feet with lots of clapping. Vanessa noted that Lex was so good and strong; adding that he had done things she had never seen before. Noting that Lex was going to be a star, also said that Lex did some things he had never seen before. Nigel asked Lex if he had done any professional work and Lex said that he is working with SYTYCD alum Travis Wall. Putting Lex on the hot tamale train, Mary loved the way Lex moved and thought; adding that Lex is a smart dancer.

After an hour with Mandy Moore in the choreography round, Romainson, Ramita, and 25 other dancers made it through to the Dance Academy for a total of 100 dancers heading to Los Angeles.

Next week it’s on to Los Angeles and the Dance Academy.

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