‘Face Off’ Faces the Demons of Hell

After a week off for the Independence Day holidays, “Face Off” returns to descend into the bowels of Dante’s “Inferno”.

Face Off

When the artists enter the lab they find a table with horns lined up on it and creature designer and Judge Neville Page standing with host McKenzie Westmore.

Telling the artists that this week they will be delving into the realm of the underworld and modern 3D technology – 3D printing.

McKenzie informed the artists that the nine sets of horns adorning the table were designed by Neville Page and created using a 3D printer.

Issuing the challenge for this week, McKenzie tells the artists that using one of the nine levels of Dante’s “Inferno”, they will create the ruler of that level incorporating the the horns they choose.

This week Faina is the foreperson for Ethereal Effects and Joseph is the foreperson for Twisted Six Effects.

Since there must be a character for each level, Twisted Six Effects must create four characters and Ethereal Effects must create five characters.

After seeing their horns, Nelson and Kiersten determine that the horns do not match their levels and swap horns for a better match.

Michael Westmore comes to the lab to give the artists some tips and advice. Michael said that Phil’s character resembled more of a cuddly cute animal than a demon of violence and anger. He offered a few ideas to remedy the problem. Jill wanted to use ice in her character and Michael had a few ideas for her as well.

Suzanne takes time out from her character to help out the shop and created a way for them to attach the horns.

KC works on attaching the horns for her team. Making horns is what KC does for a living. She shows Suzanne and Nelson how its done to get their horns attached.

This is the first week that the artists have had to work solo on their projects and time is becoming an issue for some of them. As a result of the time issue, Faina is questioning her choice to be the foreperson this week.

At the end of day two only three of the four cowl molds got cleaned out and ready for use. Joseph feels like he has let down the shop. KC had been working on the horns and her cowl didn’t get done; so they will have to run it on application day.

KC’s face mold came out badly and needs repairing before she can paint it.

During application Phil’s face mold isn’t lining up.

Kiersten’s chest piece is too long and she has to cut some of it away, leaving a large edge.

Jill’s horns won’t stay up because her cowl wasn’t sculpted high enough to support them. She has to find a way to make them work and ends up putting them on backwards.

Going into last looks there is still much work to be done.

After the reveal and closer looks saying that they were one fire and dominated absolutely, Glenn names Ethereal Effects as the winning shop again this week.

Saying that he adored the shapes and the profile they created and the contemporary approach to the character, Glenn named Kiersten as this week’s winner. Glenn added that she had some really beautiful forms, he liked the colour choices, she had created a frightening character, and he was so excited to finally see her talents. He noted that Kiersten did her own version and it stuck out. Kiersten said that when Glenn called her name she almost cried.

KC was safe from Twisted Six Effects but foreperson Joseph for his lack of leadership skills, Jill for a lack of focus and poorly done character that failed to look like a demon, and Phil for a lack of focus were all in the bottom and up for elimination.

Saying that she is a creative person but struggled to bring her concepts to life, Glenn named Jill as the artists eliminated this week.

Next week…more surprises are in store for the artists.

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