Shocking Elimination on ‘World of Dance’

“World of Dance” returns after a week off to complete the duel round.

World of Dance

First up were Kinjaz and Stroll Groove for a battle. Taking the stage first Kinjaz used some props of panels that resembled traditional screens used as Japanese doors. Ne-Yo noted that their routine was, “how you win a competition;” adding that every move was dynamic, subtle and explosive. Jennifer noted that they played to their strengths; adding that she really enjoyed it. Derek called the guys master of illusion who had a million dollar routine. Kinjaz scored 91.3 points for their routine.

Stroll Groove performed to “My Prerogative”. Derek noted that he loved the sound of stepping. Ne-Yo liked the performance and the energy. He asked them to do some stepping and then said that it was more dynamic than their routine. Jennifer noted that in a dance battle you have to go for blood. Stroll Groove scored 81. 3 points for their routine.

Kinjaz won the battle and will move on to the next round.

The next battle paired Cabaret Ballroom dancers Luka and Jenalyn and Ballroom couple DNA.
Luka and Jenalyn brought the judges to their feet with their trick filled performance. Derek said that they had some remarkable tricks; adding that he wouldn’t want to follow that. Ne-Yo noted that they make it look easy. Jennifer noted that the dance was on different level than their last dance; adding that they are dancers and not acrobats. Luka and Jenalyn scored 88.7 points for their dance.

DNA also brought some tricks to their Ballroom dance but as the judges noted there were a few small mistakes in the routine. Derek noted that the duo were better technicians and wonderful to watch. DNA scored 80.3 for their dance.

Luka and Jenalyn won the battle and will move on to the next round.

In a series of clips…
Immabeast scored 86 points to beat Mini Request with 85.7 points.
Pasion scored 87.3 points to beat out Kings Unite with 83.7 points.
And Chapkis Dance Family scored 88.7 points to beat out tap dancers Rhythmatic with 86.3 points.

D’Angelo and Amanda went up against The Mihacevich Sisters.

D’Angelo and Amanda performed a dance that Ne-Yo said came in a little under what they performed in the first round. Jennifer reminded them that you have to go for blood every time. D’Angelo and Amanda scored 78.7 points for their dance.

The Mihacevich Sisters performed a dance that moved Jennifer; adding that she didn’t want to see the same thing every time. Derek said that overal they did a great job and moved as one. The sisters scored 81 points for their dance.

The Mihacevich Sisters won the battle and will move on to the next round.

The final battle of the round was a three way battle between the Jabbawackeez, Ian Eastwood and the Young Lions, and Rouge.

Up first was Rouge with a performance that Ne-Yo said he liked. Jennifer noted that they were a little off and Derek said that it was a bit sloppy in areas but the girls made up for it with their energy. The girls earned 80 points for their dance.

Next up were the Jabbawockeez with a routine that Jennifer called authentic and was remiiscent of an 80s dance battle. Derek noted that because the crew is so well known, the bar is set really high. Ne-Yo said that they took it to their opponents. The crew scored 84,7 points for their dance.

The final dance of the night was from Ian Eastwood and the Young Lions. Derek noted that the guys appeared to have taken their notes and were super creative. Ne-Yo noted that he was worried about the guys but he isn’t worried anymore. Jennifer noted that now they have a dance battle on their hands. The guys scored 85.7 points for their dance.

In a shocker, Ian Eastwood and the Young Lions beat the Jabbawockeez to move on to the next round. Derek noted that it was heartbreaking to see the Jabbawockeez go because they are the standard of what the competition is all about.

Next week The Cut round begins and only six dancers/crews will make it through to the finals.

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